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Partner network

Powerful cooperation

In cooperation with long-standing partners, we meet the wishes of our customers in construction.

Faltwerktreppen mit Glasgeländer

Reliable partner companies

To fulfil all the requirements of our customers and to offer the best quality, we work together with high-performance partners. For many years, we have had a trusting cooperation with the companies in our expert network and we guarantee the reliability and quality of the products. In the following, we would like to introduce some of our partner companies to you.

Logo Holz-Hacker


The traditional wood processing family business was founded by the great-grandfather of the current company owner over 100 years ago as a workshop for windows, doors and furniture production. In the meantime, Holz-Hacker takes on all the challenges of sloping roofs, corners and many other difficult areas in house construction and also fulfils special wishes with perfect craftsmanship and supported by the most modern machines.
We have had a trusting relationship with the company since 1996. In more than 25 years, we have already implemented a number of renowned projects, such as the Hoffmann-La Roche building project in Basel, EVF in Göppingen or the Norderstedt Bank.

Norderstedt Bank

EVF, Göppingen

Glasgeländer Wendeltreppe Basel

Hoffmann, Basel

Logo Tegethoff

Tegethoff Treppenbau GmbH & Co. KG

The specialised company for customised wooden stairs has been a very reliable member of our network for a long time. For over 50 years, the company has been working with wood as a natural material and meets individual wishes. As our supplier for handrails and steps, the company supported us, for example, with the Burgerlich project in Hamburg and Beethovenpark in Augsburg.

Burgerlich, Hamburg

Beethovenpark, Augsburg

Logo Niedermeier

Holz in Form Niedermeier GmbH

For more than 80 years, the company Holz in Form Niedermeier has been writing craftsmanship history. Founded as a traditional carpenter’s workshop, the family business has developed to a specialist company in moulded wood technology, giving the natural material a refined shape with inventiveness and in-house developed special machines, while always pushing the boundaries of what is possible. With Holz in Form Niedermeier, we realised, among others, the extraordinary staircase system in the municipal utilities in Meerbusch-Willich.

Stahltreppe Stadtwerke Willich

Municipal utilities, Meerbusch-Willich

Logo Midas

Midas Surfaces GmbH

The company name has its origin in the legend of King Midas, who desired that everything would turn to gold by his mere touch. But not only gold, but also silver, copper, brass, etc. can refine a surface. For more than 15 years, the technical and planning experts of MIDAS Surfaces GmbH have been developing perfect solutions for surface designs and were awarded with numerous prizes for their work. The refinement of the staircase in a private villa was, among other projects, an example of the successful cooperation between MIDAS and MetallArt.

Interior stairs villa, Cologne