Nachhaltigkeit bei MetallArt

Sustainability at MetallArt Treppen GmbH

Sustainable staircase construction

As a modern and successful company, we are taking responsibility for a sustainable future!

Green Change

It is in the interest of us all to be sustainable. As a mid-size craft company, we are engaged in this topic as well. For us, sustainability is not a trend or a state, but an ongoing process with ever new challenges that we gladly face. Because a new way of thinking is also required in our industry to achieve a contribution to sustainability and climate protection.
However, sustainability is not realised through the implementation of a single measure. Only a multitude of actions will ensure a reduced consumption of resources and a reduced CO2 emission into the atmosphere. We, too, have many opportunities to operate in a more environmentally friendly way. A selection of the measures we have already implemented is presented here:


Sustainability in supply chains

Stairs and glass railings can only be as sustainable as their components. This is why MetallArt focuses primarily on strong, domestic suppliers with whom we have established a close and strategic cooperation over many years. Also in the field of steel and glass, we have been working with renowned German partner companies for many years.

Made in Germany

Not only our customised sculptural stairs but also the standard stairs with their aesthetic MetallArt design are manufactured in Germany. We thus secure jobs in the region. In addition to our comprehensive service portfolio, the entire technical design, including technical drawings, is also produced in-house. We can therefore offer the complete added value to our customers from a single source – “made in Germany”.

Made in Germany

Resource-saving systems

To continuously reduce material consumption, sustainability criteria play an essential role in the choice of our machinery and equipment, too. For example, by using state-of-the-art distillation technologies, we minimise the consumption of dilution through reprocessing and therefore significantly reduce the amount of waste we dispose.

Product durability

It is undeniable that the production of steel costs a lot of energy. Compared to other materials, however, steel is characterised by its robustness and durability. Thanks to an immense resistance and stability, stairs made of steel can last for many years without any problems – either indoors or outdoors. Not least because of its ability to be recycled and returned to the material cycle (circular economy) without producing harmful waste products, steel is therefore a multifunctional raw material.

Langlebigkeit von Stahl

Sustainable innovations

MetallArt also focuses strongly on sustainability aspects when developing innovations, which is clearly demonstrated by the example of the steel soffit cladding. By means of a self-developed interface between 3D planning and FE static programmes, we are able to include the steel soffit cladding in the structural calculations by design changes in the hollow body of the stairs. The result of this type of construction is a considerable saving in material.

Water-based primer

Steel stairs by MetallArt are provided with a high-quality primer that serves as corrosion protection and as a basis for a finishing coat to be applied on site by the customer. The water-based primer used by our team of experts is much more environmentally friendly than the synthetic resin primer and meets the most common work safety standards.


Verifications and certificates

Meanwhile, the issue of sustainability plays an important role in most planning and realisation processes in the construction industry. We regularly realise stair projects in compliance with a variety of sustainability standards, such as DGNB or LEED. In this regard, we fully meet the requirements of the respective building projects or the demands of the clients.