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100 years of MetallArt

The renowned MetallArt Treppen GmbH celebrates its 100th anniversary looking back on an eventful past and an exciting future.

100 years of MetallArt

A story of success

Maybe you have already noticed that the logo on our website is different. From now on, the change in our corporate design will be with us throughout the year, as MetallArt Treppen GmbH celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2022. On the occasion of our centenary, we look back on a successful past during which MetallArt Treppen GmbH has established itself as a strong player in national and international staircase construction.

The greatest milestones

The first records of the Schmid blacksmith’s shop in Salach date back to this year. However, the business has been family-owned since around 1900. Head of the company is Josef Schmid Sr, the grandfather of the long-standing managing director Johannes Schmid.

The blacksmith’s shop is transferred to the son Georg Schmid who continues to run it on his own.

In the 1970s, the blacksmith’s shop turned into the Schmid locksmith’s shop. Georg Schmid also runs a hardware retail business on the side.

In this year, Johannes Schmid takes over the business and continues to run it as Schmid locksmith’s shop.

The individual trade locksmith’s shop Schmid becomes Metallbau Schmid GmbH.

The company Metallbau Schmid GmbH expands. Staircase construction is further developed and a new manufacturing plant is built.
In addition to Metallbau Schmid GmbH, the MetallArt Treppen Metallbau Schmid GmbH is founded.

The two companies merge into MetallArt Metallbau Schmid GmbH.

MetallArt is the winner of the nationwide and cross-sector GlobalConnect Award in the category “Hidden Champion” as well as the Metal Construction Award in the category “Stairs and Railings”.

The German Federal Award for outstanding innovative performance is presented to MetallArt.
To increase its market presence in Switzerland, MetallArt founds the public limited company MetallArt Treppen AG in Aarau. Julian Schweizer is engaged as sales representative. Since 2021, he has been delegate and vice-president of the Board of Directors.

The company is rebranded as MetallArt Treppen GmbH.

MetallArt establishes the infrastructural conditions for further growth at its headquarters in Salach. A separate office building now houses all employees of the administration as well as the technical service, and in the nearby town of Süßen, another plant is being established for the lacquering shop, work preparation as well as shipping.

Jürgen Bauer and Andreas Wahsner take over the top management of the international staircase construction company. From administration to the technical service and from production to assembly, a total of 130 people are now employed at MetallArt Treppen GmbH.

The 100th anniversary is a very special event for MetallArt. Besides preserving what has been achieved so far, the year 2022 is also the signal for a new chapter in the future. We will continue to successfully build this future together with architects and planning offices, locksmiths, general contractors and our building customers. The past years are both an obligation and motivation, especially in these challenging times, to continue to offer the proven MetallArt quality through commitment and know-how, and to still convince with spectacular staircases and our comprehensive services.

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