Refined railing solution

Impressive staircase solution

In 2020, the German specialist portal Treppen.de presented the award “Staircase of the year” for the 15th time. The competition has existed since 2006 and aims to show and honor unique staircases. This year, an independent jury of four experts selected the winners among 422 submissions of 500 member companies in the following categories: elegance, ambience, striking, room concept, design language, transparency, sculpture, tradition, purism, innovation, modernity, trend, extravagance, renovation, rectilinearity, architecture, design, timelessness, monument and uniformity.

Highest craftsmanship in modern staircase construction

Once again Metallart is one of the proud winners and this time was able to convince the jury with its staircase in the architecture category. Above all, the four experts were impressed by the energetic course of the stairs and in particular the sophisticated design solution for the balustrade.Staircases from MetallArt are examples of the highest craftsmanship in modern staircase construction, which have been honored by an almost complete series of awards for “Staircase of the year”.

Skulpturtreppe in München
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Complex railing design
Diagonally running heights of the stringers and filling bars

The design staircase from MetallArt could assert itself in the category ARCHITECTURE against numerous competitors. Considering the total of 422 stairs submitted for the competition, we are really proud of this achievement.
This fascinating stair sculpture leads to the upper floor of a law firm in the Munich Lenbach Gärten. Tilo Hauck, owner of the publishing house T-K-Verlag and member of the jury, explained the decision by saying that MetallArt had put an enormous amount of effort into the railing design. After all, the dimensions of the staircase were different at every section due to the diagonal heights of the stringers and the filling bars. MetallArt had succeeded in creating a sculptural staircase that is perfectly shaped and light in appearance. The steel railing at the ceiling was finished to match the design of the stair railing which leads to the harmonious look of the overall construction. Due to the rectangular wooden handrail made of European oak the railing shows a successful finish.

In Germany, the competition “Staircase of the year” ranks among the most important staircase awards and is highly respected far beyond the relevant experts. The fascinating and unique stairs are an inspiration for architects, clients, renovators and many more.