Bürgermeisterbesuch Süßen

Mayor Marc Kersting at MetallArt

Fascinating insights

MetallArt opens its doors for a highly valued guest.

Visit Mayor of Süßen

Exclusive Tour

An extraordinary visit to METALLART TREPPEN: Mayor Kersting from Süßen explores our fascinating world of stairs.

METALLART TREPPEN opened its doors to a highly esteemed guest – the mayor of Süßen. During an exclusive tour through our premium production facilities, Mr Kersting experienced first-hand the exceptional craftsmanship and innovative expertise that define our customised steel staircases for upmarket commercial and residential buildings.

Projects & Visions

During spirited discussions, we exchanged views on visionary projects, future developments and the fascination for high-end staircase solutions. Mayor Kersting was impressed by the combination of design and function that makes our staircases unique masterpieces.

We are proud of being able to share our expertise and look forward to upcoming unveilings.

Stay tuned for more innovations and exclusive insights into the premium staircase world of METALLART!

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