Project Description

Project description

All-glass railing in Luxembourg

The all-glass railing in the commercial building Bâtiment Eagle in Luxembourg is a real eye-catcher. It completes the rounded concrete stairs as well as the gallery and, at the same time, the all-glass railing reflects the latest architectural trend. Due to the curved glass panes this staircase construction has an inspiring sculptural character.

Gebogenes Glas modernes Gebäude
Project details

All-glass railing for concrete stairs in curved design

The construction of an all-glass railing is subject to the current guidelines determined in the technical rules for the use of fall protection glazing (TRAV). Our staff disposes of a special expertise which is required for the realisation of such projects.

The construction of this all-glass railing, following the regulations of the TRAV, features resistant panes of laminated safety glass (VSG), showing a strength of approx. 20 mm. Due to the short radius the glass panes for the inner stringer is not made of safety glass (ESG) but of laminated safety glass / float glass (VSG).

The curved panes of the all-glass railing are held by a construction consisting of a flat-steel angular frame which was welded laterally on the flat-steel stringer of the stairs. Cover plates were used to close the endings. On the upper side the supporting construction was fixed at the concrete step by means of welded flat-steel pockets. An additional fixation was carried out at the font of the concrete flight.

To enhance the transparent appearance of the all-glass railing the construction dispenses with supporting posts. As required by the building authorities, the strength verifications of the all-glass railing for the concrete stairs as well as for the gallery have been provided.

Handrail for all-glass railing

As the building is accessible to the public the legal requirements claim for a handrail for the all-glass railing. Our experts used filigree U-shaped profiles to obtain a discreet finish and a visual appearance which is minimized to the essential. The handrail was masterly pasted and sealed with an intermediate layer of neoprene on the glass fillings.