Project Description

Project description

Highlights of modern staircase construction

In modern architecture cantilevered stairs set new standards. The tread steps of cantilevered stairs seem to jut out freely from the wall which results in a highly impressive effect. There is also a supporting structure needed for cantilevered stairs: a stair stringer with welded-on steel treads embedded in the wall. The bearing steel steps are encased by the tread steps. This kind of construction can be completed with wooden, marble or granite steps. The bearing steel treads, constructed as box-type treads, are filled with a footfall sound insulation.

Project details

Glass railing for cantilevered stairs

To intensify the floating effect of cantilevered stairs there are usually glass railings chosen for the fall protection. Private building owners often do without any railings to reinforce the floating impression of the cantilevered stairs. In buildings accessible to the public however, the current building regulations must be considered.

With this staircase construction method, the panes for the glass railings are provided with holes to allow the panes to be fixed to the front of the cantilever steps.