Project Description

Project description

All-glass railing & parapet-high stringers

In a very effective way these extravagant folded stairs with all-glass railing complete the foyer of this private home in Lampertheim. The spiral steel staircase is the rooms’ central element. In an imposing but equally discreet way it fits perfectly in with the homogenous interior design of the room. Not least because of its landing slab featuring LED lighting the construction actually shows a representative character.

Folded stairs with steel and all-glass railing

The tread steps made of steel are welded in between the stair stringers. They run evenly rounded in the first section. In the upper part of the folded stairs they change into a straight design. The outer stringer consists of a box-type stringer at parapet-height. The inner stringer is also made in a box-type design for it accommodates the all-glass railing.

  • Diameter interior stringer: 3.520 mm
  • Diameter outer stringer: 5.840 mm
  • Usable flight width: 1.100 mm
  • Risers: 2 – 14 evenly rounded, 15 – 21 straight
  • Construction of the steps: Folded treads made of steel sheet, bent at the front and welded at the rear
Glasgeländer und Wangen
Project details

Underside cladding out of steel sheet for folded stairs

The smooth underside cladding of the folded stairs consists of a steel plate which was finished with a primer coated surface. All of the welding seams were polished and filled in superior quality to ensure an even and homogenous look.

All-glass railing for the inner stair stringer

The inner glass railing for the folded stairs consists of laminated safety glass panes and a top-attached handrail made of stainless steel.

  • Handrail: glued and sealed with the glass fillings by means of a neoprene intermediate layer
  • Railing infill: 20mm thick panes out of laminated safety glass (tempered/semi-tempered glass), clear with polished edges, length of the panes is 1,200 mm each, glass joints approx. 10-20 mm; adjusted in the H-profiled stringer, casted and sealed by means of tested cast resin.
  • All of the welding seams were polished and filled in superior quality to ensure an even and homogenous look and high-quality finish.
  • Height of the railing: up to approx. 920 mm starting from the front edge of the tread cover to the upper edge of the handrail.


Klinger Brückmann Architekten, Lorsch

All-glass railing for the upper floor

Corresponding to the railing for the folded stairs there is a straight railing entirely made of glass which was installed at the gallery on the upper floor. It is completed by a top-attached stainless steel handrail with a high-polished surface. The glass fillings were adjusted at the box-type stringer featuring notches on top. They were cast and sealed with the same technology applied for the staircase railing.

Substructure for the stair landing at the ground floor

The angular frame made of steel sheet was filled on site by the customer. Subsequently it was equipped with a horizontal flat steel on the upper side. For the installation of the masked LED lighting the stair landing got vertical elements of flat stainless steel.

All-glass railing for the rooftop

In accordance with the current regulations for straight railings DIN 18008-4 (Cat. B) the glass panes (of laminated safety glass) were clamped and cast in the extruded aluminium frame by means of the custom-made assembly method developed by MetallArt.

The handrail consists of an edged stainless steel U-section which was attached on the glass fillings with a rubber profile. There was no need of any gluing or grouting.

In addition to the delivery and assembly of the folded stairs MetallArt was responsible for the verifiable structural analysis for the stairs and railings.