Project Description

Project description

All-glass railing | Betzold in Ellwangen

MetallArt is not only an expert in the field of steel staircase construction. Also glass railings are part of the service portfolio of the Baden-Wurttemberg based company. Due to its continuous innovations the company is always at the cutting edge of modern technology. This is reflected by the development of a particular system for glass railings with individual approval by the German buidling authorities. The measurements of the DIN standards for the single glass panes can therefore be significantly exceeded.

As maximum transparency was requested for the interior design of the company Betzold in Ellwangen this individual approval was decisive for the construction of the glass railings. The glass balustrade for the concrete stairs and for the gallery offer as much natural light running through the atrium space as possible. This results in a most appealing atmosphere for employees and visitors.

Ganzglasgeländer für große Treppen
Project details

Glass railing for concrete stairs

  • At the outer side of the stairs
  • Execution according to the current standards of DIN 18008 and AbP MetallArt (General Test Certificate issued by the German Building Authorities)
  • Curved glass railing, ascending
  • Glass railing with panes of laminated safety glass (thickness: 20 mm, length of the panes up to 1.200 mm)
  • Top-attached stainless steel handrail: approx. 30 x 30 mm; folded U-shaped sections; fixed and glued with the glass fillings

Glass pocket for concrete stairs and for the railing

  • Serves as clamping construction
  • Thickness of the frame: 10 mm
  • Width of the frame: ca. 60-64 mm
  • On the upper side with an small pojection (approx. 30 mm) to the upper edge of the finished floor

Balustrade stringers for concrete stairs

  • Balustrade stringer as fall protection and to mask the edge of the stairs
  • Handrail: consisting of flat steel, welded onto the balustrade stringer, horizontally on the bottom face, vertical flat steel welded downwards to provide a cove for the lighting (LED-lighting to be installed on site).
  • Thickness of the stringers: approx. 10-12 mm or subject to structural requirements
  • Height of the stringers: approx. 1.420 mm or approx. 1.020 mm beyond the finished floor, continuing downwards approx. 400 mm
  • Stringers running at the inner side of the concrete stairs and at the stairwell, stringers evenly curved

Glass railing for the open space and the gallery

  • Glass railing made of laminated safety glass (lenght of the panes up to bis 2.600 mm) and top-attached stainelss steel profile for the handrail
  • DIN 18008-1 and -4 plus AbP MetallArt (General Test Certificate issued by the German Building Authorities)
  • Aluminium frame:
    • Design frame MetallArt
    • Extruded aluminium profile according to the structural requirments
    • Total height: approx. 180 mm
    • Bottom side with pressed bridge for ceiling cover to be enlarged on site.
  • Fixed into the aluminium frames; cast in resin suitable for inspection and approval and sealed


Romer Architekten Part mbB, Ellwangen