Villa Köln Glasgeländer

Fine liquid metal for interior staircase

Glamorous interior staircase

With its self-supporting design, the custom-made interior staircase creates fascinating highlights with a metallic look and haptics.

Project description

Interior staircase as brilliant eye-catcher

With passion and creativity, this elaborate stair sculpture was realised in cooperation with our partner Midas Surfaces GmbH, setting new standards in the portfolio for interior staircases. For the renovation of a villa in Cologne, the ambitiously constructed interior staircase was upgraded with a visually dominant, smooth-surfaced metal skin, offering completely new dimensions for an artistic surface design compared to the classic paint finish. Self-supporting and with dimensionally stable steel soffit cladding, the interior staircase leads from the basement to the gallery on the upper floor and features complex constructive shapes and transitions. On the outside, a transparent glass railing provides fall protection and is continued in an analogous design as a ceiling and gallery railing with a top-attached steel handrail.

Splendid finish for interior staircase

Liquid metal coating from Midas Surfaces in the colour bronze, which was applied to all visible steel and stainless steel parts of the interior staircase, produces a uniqueTrock finish. Due to the size and geometry of the interior staircase, the coating process, which is demanding in itself, required an extremely high level of expertise and professional teamwork. Specialised craftsmen carried out the individual services together with other finishers. After priming, full-surface filling and several grinding processes, which required a great deal of feeling for the product, pure metal could be prepared in powder form and applied by spraying, similar to a lacquer finish. After drying, up to 10 further grinding processes followed, a subsequent high-gloss lacquer finish and, as the last step, the polishing procedure of the final surface. The result is a convincing and brilliant performance of craftsmanship.

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Project details

Curved interior steel staircase

  • curved, 2-flight interior staircase with box-type stringers, basement-ground floor-top floor
  • tread-masking box-type stringer on the outside, made of a welded rectangular H-section
  • continuous parapet-high box-type stringer on the inside
  • folded steel treads welded in between the stringers
  • dimensionally stable steel soffit cladding, structurally supporting
  • stair head landing on the top floor featuring the continuous inner stair stringer as tread-masking box-type stringer

Glass railing for interior staircase and gallery

  • curved glass railing on the outside, inserted in the box-type stringer of the staircase
  • serving as ceiling railing on the ground and top floor, inserted in the glass pocket, curved and straight design
  • curved glass railing on the stair head landing on the top floor, inserted in the box-type stringer which is continued in analoguous design to the outer stringer
  • top-attached steel handrails on the glass fillings, made of U-sections
  • all of the glass railings consisting of laminated safety glass/tempered glass panes in white glass design

Interior staircase with real metal refinement

  • surface preparation Q4 for all visible steel and stainless steel elements
  • final coating with real metal in lacquering method 2.0 bronze, brand „Midas Surfaces GmbH“
  • sealing with high-gloss metal protection lacquer
  • final surface polishing

Additional services

For the interior staircase, MetallArt was responsible for the verifiable structural analysis and the preparation of a vibration verification.


Corneille Uedingslohmann Architekten, Cologne