Project Description

Project description

Modern interior staircase for a young living style

The convincing features of this modern interior staircase structure with glass treads are its lightness and distinctive lines. The filigree construction of the saw-tooth stringers with a saw-tooth cut at the top and bottom and the parallel railing chords emphasize the linear structure. The glass treads made of three-layer laminated safety glass are in perfect harmony with the modern living style.

Step by step – Interior staircase design with glass steps

Glass has been an outstanding element of style in interior staircase construction for a long time. The slide-blocking screen-printed surface ensures a good foothold without affecting the light character of the glass. Although the treads of this interior staircase are opaque, the incident light can freely invade the space.

Project details

Interior staircase with saw-tooth stringers – TYPE MAT5300

String stairs with flat steel stringers, saw-tooth shaped at the top and bottom, with welded flat steel supports for the glass treads. Fastening of the stairs stringers with steel base plates to the unfinished floor, as well as wall fasteners and stringer connections as far as structurally required. The surface of the steel stringers is coated with corrosion protection primer ready for a lacquer finishing by the customer. The design and execution of this interior staircase comply with DIN 18065.

  • Straight ground plan with a flight width of up to 1,000 mm
  • 16 risers, 1 half-landing
  • Tread cover and half-landing made of three-layer laminated safety glass. The top layer consists of tempered safety glass. Top surface with all-over anti-slip screen printing in matt white. The edges of the glass panes are finish ground after lamination. The glass treads are bonded to the substructure with a special silicone compound that meets with inspection standards.

Railing for interior staircase, type GE804

  • Balusters of flat steel
  • Baluster supports made of profiled steel sheet
  • Handrail for the interior staircase made of round stainless steel tubes
  • Handrail brackets made of round stainless steel bars
  • Balustrade filling with horizontal filling bars running parallel to the stairs’ inclination

All steel components are made of steel St 37-2; only scale-free (uncoated) material is used. All exposed weld seams are properly ground. All stainless steel parts are made of material number 1.4301; surfaces are ground with 320 grit: all weld seams are executed by tungsten inert gas welding (TIG) and properly ground; the bars have half-circular weld-on caps at the ends; no visible handrail joints, uniform grinding pattern.

A flat steel frame is fitted to mask the floor slab edge and provide a connection to the flooring and ceiling structure. It is fastened to the unfinished floor with the help of welded-on fishplates.