Project Description

Project description

Single-stringer design stairs – stairs with glass treads

The design of these innovative interior stairs is perfect in the light-flooded stairwell of a modern residential building. The striking central stringer made of a steel tube is the load-bearing component. It contrasts appealingly with the transparent glass treads. The overall screen printing on the tread surface prevents people from slipping and from seeing through the treads. They are made of three-layer laminated safety glass. Steel and glass combine perfectly with stainless steel and harmoniously integrate the interior stairs structure into the stylish interior.

Glasstufen Aufgang Treppe
Project details

Interior stairs of modern design

  • The load-bearing under-stairs stringer is made of a 7 mm-thick steel tube with a diameter of 140 mm
  • The tread substructures are fitted on top of the stringer and consist of a frame of 5 mm steel sheet that is bent down at the front and rear
  • The treads are made of three-layer laminated safety glass and fitted with a screen-printed anti-slip surface. The glass treads comply with current trends in stair design

Design railings for interior stairs with glass treads

  • Balusters made of circular stainless steel tubes with a diameter of 34 mm
  • Stair handrail made of circular stainless steel tubes with a diameter of 42 mm
  • Stainless steel architectural ropes, 5 mm thick, used as horizontal balustrade filling

These interior stairs are undoubtedly a design feature in the bright entrance area. The steel dominates, combining perfectly with the translucent glass treads that ensure a good foothold due to their anti-slip screen-printed surface.