Innentreppe Rankweil

Aesthetic interior stairs at FIRMAMENT business hotel

Interior stairs in exquisite design

The interior stairs at the Rankweiler Hotel FIRMAMENT captivate as a masterly architectural element with sculptural balustrade stringers.

Project description

Striking interior stairs in the FIRMAMENT

As a really outstanding location, the FIRMAMENT in Vorarlberg combines a business hotel with about 150 rooms, a first-class restaurant with international cuisine and an event location for up to 800 visitors under one roof. Ample parking is also available. Ernst Seidl, who made his international name with his catering company at the Olympic Games, founded FIRMAMENT, which opened in October 2021. The differently shaped building structures appear as independent houses from the outside, but are connected to each other on the inside.

Interior staircase or rather stairs to the sky?

The FIRMAMENT project shows just the perfect way to turn a steel interior staircase into an elegant eye-catcher. Based on the design of the responsible architect Veit Rausch, the interior staircase in the restaurant was designed as a central circular construction consisting of three different radii. Thanks to the unusual layout and the running width of approx. 2.3 m, the interior stairs offer an all-round view, but also stages visitors in the best possible way – for example during photo shoots or fashion shows, which are also held at FIRMAMENT. In keeping with the motto “reach for the stars”, the managers also like to refer to the interior stairs as the stairway to the sky and the steps, which are covered with high-quality textile, as a carpet of clouds.

Innentreppe FIRMAMENT
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Project details

Interior stairs featuring contrasting colours

  • self-supporting steel stairs with parapet-high sculptural stringers
  • 3-flight staircase layout
  • steel parts with primer coated surface
  • surface quality of Q2

Illumination of the interior stairs

  • flat steel welded to the top of the balustrade stringers and extending downwards
  • the resulting light cove is used for providing ideal, indirect illumination of the walking area with LED spots installed on site

In addition to the delivery and assembly of the interior stairs, MetallArt was also responsible for the first-floor balustrade. With its parpet-high steel sheet design the construction serves as railing and ceiling frame for partial cladding of the ceiling edge and for connection of the floor construction.