Osram Stahltreppe Opener

Straight metal stringer stairs & ceiling railing

Metal stringer stairs with steel railing

Puristic white parapet-high box-type stringers and a noble wooden handrail create a clear character of the modern metal stringer staircase.

Project description

Exklusive metal stringer stairs at the World of Light in Munich

At the end of 2017, OSRAM opened a multifunctional showroom in Munich with a capacity of 1,300 square meters as a stage to present the company and its values as well as the fascinating products and solutions related to the field of light. Therefore the high-tech group expanded space within the headquarters and created facilities for internal and external communication in two building units. In addition to event capacities for up to 199 people, the concept also includes rooms for presenting the company’s history and development and also allows visitors an informative glance into the future.

Innovative staircase architecture for high-tech exposition

In a straight two-flight design, the metal stringer stairs with an intermediate landing leads to the upper showrooms of the world of experience. On both sides, white lacquered, fall-preventing box-type steel stringers run at balustrade height, giving the stairs a distinctive character. The elegant oval wooden handrail made of European oak along both sides of the steel stringers is another visual highlight. In keeping with the innovative exhibition design, the metal stringer stairs present themselves as a representative steel construction, which continues on the upper floor with a striking steel ceiling railing as a box-type balustrade. For the on-site LED lighting, recesses were made on the inside of the stair stringers and the ceiling railing.

Stahltreppe bei Osram
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Project details

Metal stringer stairs with box-type balustrades

  • Effective flight width up to 1.700 mm
  • Risers/treads of the metal stringer stairs: 22 / 20 pc
  • Steel tread steps welded in between the stringers
  • Intermediate landing surface of approx. 1.700 x 1.500 mm
  • Structurally supporting box-type balustrade, final coating in rolled synthetic resin varnish
  • Height of the balustrade approx. 1.370 – 1.420 mm
  • Interrupt/recess on the inner stringer for on-site LED lighting

Tread step and landing construction of the metal stringer stairs

  • Trough-type steps made of upt to 6mm thick steel sheet
  • Bent upwards at the front and rear and realised as sharp edged welded construction
  • Tread steps prepared for on-site screed filling and final wooden cover
  • The design of the landing corresponds to the tread step construction

Ceiling railing for metal stringer stairs

  • Box-type balustrade as fall prevention and ceiling frame
  • Running straight and horizontal, executed in a welded hollow section
  • Interrupt/recess on the surface for on-site LED lighting
  • The design and execution corresponds to the balustrade of the metal stringer stairs

Wooden handrail for metal stringer stairs

  • Oval-shaped handrail featuring a groove, chamfered endings, 5 mm
  • European Oak, two-component pure varnish in a matt finish
  • Glued onto the flat-steel angle construction to provide connection to the balustrade

In addition to the delivery and assembly, MetallArt was responsible for the calculation and preparation of a verifiable structural analysis for the metal stringer staircase and the ceiling railing.

CL MAP GmbH, Munich