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Newel staircase with glass railing

Elegant newel staircase for GfK headquarters

The newel staircase in elegant white is complemented by the transparent glass railing.

Project description

Newel staircase for GfK headquarters

Located west of Nuremberg’s main station, the Orange Campus, which is the new headquarters of the traditional Nuremberg-based company GfK, was designed by the renowned Munich architecture firm KSP Jürgen Engel. The Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK) centralised its previous three Nuremberg locations here. After the premises went through a long phase of interim uses with market halls, car dealerships, discos, etc. since the main goods station was closed down in 1999, the new building with its attractive contrast between the brick façade and modern elements now represents an exemplary architectural reinterpretation of the former industrial site.

Elegant newel staircase for the lobby

The Kohlenhof quarter offers many green parks and spacious tree-lined avenues. This soothing concept is also continued in the six-storey buildings with green inner courtyards and roof terraces providing panoramic views. Equipped with a combined heat and power unit, room automation and heating and cooling sails, the office building achieved the LEED Gold sustainability certification. The prestigious lobby with institutional ambience is completed by the newel staircase with glass railing in elegant white design.

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Project details

Newel staircase featuring glass railings

The MetallArt experts welded the tread step construction as folding steps to a smooth, continuous tubular steel newel. The outer tread-masking box-type stringer of the spiral staircase serves to accommodate the all-glass railing. With a diameter of approx. 2,550 mm, the evenly rounded newel staircase consisting of two flights and an intermediate landing leads upwards over 29 risers or 27 steps around the newel of approx. 250 mm diameter.

Box-type stringer with glass pocket

  • welded, rectangular H-section
  • stringer thickness approx. 10-20 mm
  • stringer width approx. 60-80 mm
  • stringer height up to 550 mm

Structurally supporting soffit cladding

  • smooth steel surface
  • exactly shaped according to the stairs run
  • flush welded between the stringers on the bottom side
  • the structurally supporting effect results in significantly improved structural and vibrational properties

Glass railing of the newel staircase

  • executed according to structural requirements and on the basis of the AbP (General test certificate of the German building authorities)
  • laminated/single-pane safety glass with a thickness of approx. 20-24 mm
  • length of the panes up to 1,200 mm
  • vertical glass joints approx. 10-20 mm
  • railing height approx. 1,020 mm beyond finished floor
  • all-glass railing evenly curved, ascending
  • handrail made of a stainless steel grooved tube, approx. 48 mm, top-attached onto the glass infill and glued

All-glass ceiling railing

  • approx. 36,8 running metres at the slab edge
  • straight/horizontal
  • inserted in the glass pockets of the ceiling frame

Additional services of MetallArt

  • verifiable structural analysis for the newel staircase
  • verifiable structural analysis for the staircase railing and the ceiling railing


KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten, Munich