Project Description

Project description

Living on two levels on the outskirts of Stuttgart

On the outskirts of Stuttgart but not far from the city centre, modern city appartments for young families were realised in summer 2015. Matching the sophisticated and classy interior equipment elegant newel stairs were fitted to connect the two floors of the appartments.

Newel stairs with filigree design

The newel stairs with a diameter of 1,970 mm and 14 steps is the connection between the living and dining room and the upper floor. Due to the absence of an outer stringer the newel stairs have a filigree and light character and an almost floating effect. This impression is reinforced by the tread steps which were made of a simple plain sheet.

The smooth and continuous steel tube pillar with a diameter of 127 mm was fixed to the customer-provided steel plate by means of a sunked base plate. The outer railing of the newel stairs features flat steel posts, accurately milled in the centre to hold the horizontal filling bars. As a result the welded connections nearly can be dispensed with and the visual appearance of the newel stairs is extremely convincing. Each steel part of the staircase and railing construction (S235JR) was primer coated before mounting.

Treppe Spindelform Wohnung
Project details

Newel stairs | Steel and wood

The sound insulated covering for the tread steps and the landing consits of solid European oak and was glued on the steel steps. The tread surface is 25 mm thick, the cover of the front edges has a thickness of 35 mm. The bevelled edges of the wooden steps are 4 mm thick, the surface was oiled.

Corresponding to the wooden steps the balustrade was realised with a laminated wooden handrail, mounted and fixed to the square sections of the steel railing by an underside slot.
Caused by its rectangular dimensions of 60 x 40 mm but also due to its oiled surface the handrail significantly characterises the modern image of this newel stairs.

Harmony of wood + steel

The overall appearance of the newel stairs is completed by the landing balustrade for the gallery which matches perfectly to the railing of the stairs. Last but not least it is the warm shade of the steel parts that harmonises in an ideal way with the wooden elements. It is not too much to say that the newel stairs present themselves like an elegant piece of furniture and are a highlight for this residence.


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