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Sculptural staircase featuring railing with steel bars

Staircase sculpture with exclusive railing design

Due to the outstanding railing design featuring diagonal heights the sculptural construction gets a distincitve look.


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Project description

Sculptural staircase with extraordinary railing design

The Lenbach Gärten, a complex built from 2006-2012 with four residential quarters, an office quarter and a five-star hotel are situated in Munich’s Maxvorstadt. Within this prestigious area, a renowned law firm moved into its new offices on 4,100 m² after renovation work was completed.

Previously a straight staircase led to the upper floor but now the rooms on the 1st floor can be reached via an elegantly rounded sculptural staircase. The unusual railing solution with diagonal heights gives the exclusive construction its distinctive character. The curved transition at the exit landing creates an harmonious connection to the flat steel railing for the ceiling on the 1st floor, which is designed analogous to the design of the staircase.

Award “Staircases of the year”

The sculptural staircase, in whose balustrade design MetallArt put an enormous effort was awarded with the price “Staircase of the year 2020” in the category Architecture. Depending on the viewing angle the staircase sculpture seems to be massive or filigree and light.

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Project details

Design staircase with diagonal railing heights

  • Steel stringer stairs with box-type stringers on both sides in an evenly tapering design – parapet high at the stairs foot and masking the treads at the exit
  • Folded steps welded between the stringers, covered with “European oak” wood
  • Structurally supporting, smooth underside soffit made of steel, flush-welded between the stringers
  • Double-sided railing with vertical round steel bars welded between the stair stringers and the upper belt, rising from the foot the head according to the reduced height of the stringers

The transition from the sculptural staircase to the first floor is realised by an exit landing with curved transitions to the straight designed edge of the ceiling. The vertical filling bars continue in the steel railing at the ceiling, which was attached on top of the flat steel ceiling frame. The wooden handrail made of “European oak” with a rectangular cross-section provides a harmonious finish to the overall appearance.

Special technical features

  • Box-type stringers with spatial effect: both-sided flat-steel stringers in box-type design, closed by the smooth underside cladding made of steel
  • Combined railing solution: the railing runs diagonally to the height of the steel stringers. Due to the evenly ascending course, the filling bars each have a different height and a changing diagonally cut angle.
  • Rounded wooden handrail: veneered handrail for the realization of the ambitious curved design according to the stairs flight


Studio Knack, Munich