Project Description

Project description

Single-stringer stairs for a stylish living

The lightness and strength of these modern single-stringer stairs contrast appealingly, perfectly matching the stylish living ambiance of a residential house in Bonn. The impressive central under-stairs stringer made of a rectangular steel tube and the creative tread construction represent the strength of steel. The matt white glass treads of the single-stringer stairs contrast with the bearing structure and convey the impression of light and lightness. The fully screen-printed surface of the treads ensures that it is pleasant and safe to walk up them.

Single-stringer stairs | Design in glass and steel

Also the classical railing with filigree stainless steel bars and a stainless steel handrail completes the design of these modern single-stringer stairs.

Treppe Mittelholm mit Glasstufen
Project details

Single-stringer stairs type MAT7500

  • With central under-stairs stringer made of a welded rectangular tube
  • Steel tread structures welded onto the stringer
  • With a steel base plate fixed to the unfinished floor
  • Design and construction in accordance with DIN 18065
  • The stairs’ head and foot have a straight ground plan whereas the staircase is regularly rounded
  • Flight width up to 900 mm, 32 risers

Tread structure TS1510 for single-stringer stairs

  • Angular frames made of steel sheet with a thickness of 5 mm
  • Supporting surface cut out up to a rim of 4 cm
  • Front and rear edges bevelled and bent down
  • Total height of the tread structure according to structural requirements

Glass treads of laminated safety glass for single-stringer stairs

  • Laminated safety glass panes with a thickness of 24 mm plus the thickness of the film
  • Top surface with all-over anti-slip screen printing in matt white
  • Edges ground after lamination

Railings for single-stringer stairs

  • Balusters made of double flat steel posts, milled in the centre to penetrate the filling bars
  • Flat steel bracket as baluster holder with screw connection
  • Handrail brackets made of round stainless steel bars
  • Handrail made of round stainless steel tubes
  • Balustrade filling made of five parallel stainless steel bars, spiralled according to the flight run, face side clamped to the baluster with set screws

This type of construction requires the provision of qualification certificates for the welding of stainless steel and of steel/stainless steel connections.

All steel components of these single-stringer stairs are made of St 37-2, scale free, uncoated material, all exposed weld seams smoothed, surface with corrosion-resistant prime coat and finish coat in DB 703

All stainless steel components made of material no. 1.4301, surface ground 320 grit (uniform grinding pattern)

L-shaped frame to line the floor slab edges

  • With welded-on steel fishplates to secure it to the unfinished floor
  • Small projection at the bottom and top over the slab surfaces
  • Notch on the top side in the area of the stairs connection
  • A continuous flat perimeter steel is welded to the top side to cover the cutting face of the flooring
  • Frame with straight ground plan along all free slab edges

As an alternative, the single-stringer stairs are also available with a circular tube stringer or a triangular stringer. Moreover, the stringer can be fitted to the outside instead of the centre of the stairs.