Project Description

Project description

Parapet-high steel stringers | Joachim Herz Foundation

This elegant spiral staircase at the Joachim Herz Foundation in Hamburg impresses with its expressive design. Above all the parapet-high flat steel stringers on both sides and and the underside cladding made of steel are the inspiring elements. These features absolutely became to popular and modern trends and set new standards in architecture. The underside cladding is part of the structural construction. The self-supporting spiral stairs, manufactured according to DIN 18065, are finished by our experts with folded steel treads welded between the stringers. The construction was fixed by means of steel base plates at the unfinished floor.

Rounded Spiral Stairs

  • 2 flight of stairs, evenly rounded, with half-landings and head landings
  • 48 risers, 44 steps and 2 head landings
  • Flight width of approx. 1,500 mm (between the stringers)
Wendeltreppe Raumgestaltung
Project details

Parapet-high stringers

  • Thickness of the parapet-high stringers 12-22 mm or according to structural requirements
  • Height of the parapet-high stringers approx. 1,320 mm

Tread steps for spiral stairs

  • Folded steps made of 5-8 mm thick steel sheet
  • Tread step construction bent at the front and welded at the rear

Underside cladding for spiral stairs

  • Smooth steel cladding made of 4-5 mm-thick steel sheet
  • Flush welded with the bottom edge of the stringers

Curved handrail

  • Inner handrail fixed to the balustrade stringers
  • Diameter of the handrail: 42 mm
  • Type of wood: European oak

In addition to the delivery and installation of this elegant spiral stairs with parapet-high stringers MetallArt provided the following services:

  • The verifiable structural calculations for the spiral stairs
  • Vibration-resistance verification for the spiral stairs


Kitzmann Architekten, Hamburg