Project Description

Project description

Spiral stairs in the savings bank in Bayreuth

The banks’ customer centre at the Luitpold Platz in Bayreuth opened after only two years of construction. The self-supporting spiral stairs with folded steps take centre stage in the two-storey lobby of the new building. Beside the imposing sculptural character the attractive lacquering of the spiral stairs results in a perfect integration into the interior style of the building.

Project details

Parapet-high stair stringers

  • Parapet-high flat-steel balustrade stringers
  • Thickness of the stringers appox. 10 – 15 mm or according structural requirements
  • Height of the balustrade stringers approx. 1020 mm

Curved handrail

  • Curved handrail at the inner side of each stair stringer
  • Diameter of the handrail 42 mm
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • All handrails are in an evenly curved design

Underside cladding

  • smooth underside steel cladding
  • structurally supporting

Tread steps for spiral stairs

  • Folded steps made of steel sheet, thickness approx. 5 – 8 mm
  • Bent at the front and welded at the rear
  • Stainless steel protection profile for the edges of the folded construction

Self-supporting spiral stairs made of steel

  • single-flight spiral stairs, evenly rounded
  • 27 risers, 26 steps and 1 stair head landing
  • Flight width approx. 1,500 mm
  • Spiral stairs design according DIN 18065

Beside the delivery and assembly of the spiral stairs we were responsible for:

  • Verifiable structural analysis for the spiral stairs
  • CAD design engineering