Project Description

Project description

Steel balustrade for spiral stairs

Prestigious spiral stairs in the foyer of the German lacquer manufacturer Berger-Lacke appealingly designed in steel and wood. The selection of materials and the colour scheme provide appealing contrasts between the warm wood colours and the distinctive grey of the steel. The latter is impressively designed, with dominant balustrade stringers and a curved underside soffit. The modern folded construction of the spiral stairs provides the bearing structure for the wooden tread covers.

Spiral stairs – designed in steel and wood

This project clearly illustrates that architects and design engineers do not only use stairs as a functional element to link the bottom of a building to the top. Especially the evenly curved spiral stairs are used as creative elements to design space due to their impressive shape. As in the Berger-Lacke project, prestigious spiral stairs can often be found in foyers or lobbies of corporate buildings or banks. With their creative potential, these stairs are also becoming increasingly popular in the private sector.

Stahlbrüstung in schwarz
Project details

Modern Design for Spiral Stairs

As in many other sectors, there are always new fashion trends in architecture. In stair architecture, steel balustrade stringers and/or plain underside soffits for spiral stairs are currently among the trend setters. These elements reinforce the dominant shapes of the designs.

Designers and manufacturers have to face high challenges due to the requirements regarding modern stairs. Drawing on decades of experience, they take advantage of state-of-the art software technology supporting 3-d representation as well as the latest manufacturing technologies. Modern laser cutting and bending equipment as well as a 5-axis profile machining centre accurately cut and machine the stair parts. Nonetheless, the highest level of craftsmanship is required to satisfy the demands on modern stairs architecture.