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Staircase with modern glass treads

Modern staircase for stylish living

The straight two-stringer staircase boast an appealing combination of glass, steel and stainless steel.

Project description

Staircase with modern glass steps

Glass treads have been a valuable element of modern staircase design for many years. The straight two-stringer staircase boast an appealing combination of glass, steel and stainless steel. The architect implemented a filigree tensioning substructure made of stainless steel ropes underneath the stringers, an outstanding element of design which was excellently put into practice. It is also striking how the material mix of the staircase integrates perfectly into a style of interior dominated by a parquet floor.

Modern staircases for stylish living

  • Flight width: 900 mm
  • 15 risers
  • Stringer diameter of 100 mm
  • Stringer connections of 60/20 mm flat steel on each of the balusters, continuous baluster supports over the total width
  • Tensioning substructure consisting of spacers welded perpendicularly to the stringers and 5 mm-thick steel stainless steel ropes
  • Fastening of the understair stringers by means of steel base plates and spacers to the unfinished floor
  • Incl. verifiable structural calculation for the staircase
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Project details

Staircase tread construction

  • Made of four round steel bars that are welded orthogonally to the stringers
  • Two flat steel supports fixed by welding to accommodate the tread cover

Glass treads for modern staircases

  • Made of 30 mm-thick, three-layer laminated safety glass, top layer of tempered safety glass
  • Top surface with all-over anti-slip screen printing in matt white

Stainless steel railing with horizontal filling bars

  • Handrail of the staircase made of circular stainless steel tubes, diameter of 42 mm, face sides sealed with semi-circular stainless steel weld-on caps
  • Handrail carrier made of circular stainless steel tubes with a diameter of 12 mm
  • Balusters of double flat stainless steel bars with clamped joints, perpendicular to the staircase entrance
  • Baluster supports as described above
  • Balustrade filling of 5 mm-thick stainless steel ropes with a rough surface texture