Elegante geschwungene Treppe in weiß

Staircase in stylish design

Railing out of white glass

The inner railing out of white glass reinfcorces the elegant character of the staircase.

Project description

Staircase | Longchamp in Munich

Since the end of 2014 the fashionable label Longchamp has been located with its own shop in an exclusive shopping mile in Munich together with other luxury brands. The staircase made by MetallArt blends in perfectly in the store’s stylish interior. The inner railing out of white glass reinfcorces the elegant character of the staircase.

Treppe in Läden
Project details

Staircase (ground floor – 1st. floor)

  • stair stringers welded with a special technique to serve as tread support in saw-tooth design
  • on the upper side staggered with regard to the gradient ratio, on the bottom side ascending diagonally
  • realised with tread steps and landing made of steel, welded on to the tread support
  • 1. Flight run of the staircase:
    • Step 1 to 10: spiralled, internally rounded, running straight along the wall
    • Step 11 to 15: straight flight run, half-landing (rise 16)
  • 2. Flight run of the staircase:
    • Step 17 to 24: straight
    • Step 25: Stair head angle/step
  • Flight width of the staircase: approx. 3,180 – 1,250 mm
  • Height of the stringers: approx. 150/230 mm
  • Glas pocket: approx. 150 x 60 mm, welded U-channel profile, running continuously at the inner side, externally starting at rise 17
  • LED angle: approx. 50 x 50 mm, steel bracket without top cover, welded on to the glass pocket at the outer and bottom side
  • Glas pocket II: approx. 150 x 60 mm, mounted in the staircase at step 1 to 7
  • Tread step construction: folded steps made of steel sheet, 5-10 mm thick

Underside cladding of the staircase made of steel sheet

  • smooth underside cladding for the tread support
  • only functional at the non-visible section (riser 1-12)

Railing for the staircase

  • All-glass railing with panes made of laminated safety glass (VSG)
  • bordered with a high-gloss polished stainless steel U-channel section for the edge protection
  • Thickness of the balustrade filling: 20 mm, glass panes in rhomboid design
  • Special glazing out of white glass (hardly oxidizing glass) instead of the conventional green glas
  • oval-shaped wooden handrail made of solid beech

Balustrade on the 1st floor

  • realised like the railing for the staircase
  • Clamping structure / ceiling frame to accomodate the glass panes, to partially mask the floor edges and to provide a connection to the flooring structure.

In addition to the delivery and assembly of the staircase MetallArt was responsible for:

  • Verifiable structural analysis for the staircase
  • Vibration-resistance calculation for the staircase
  • Verifiable structural analysis for the glass railings
  • Approval in the individual case (issued by the German Building Authoities) including fracture tests for the filling of the glass railings


blocher partners, Stuttgart