Project Description

Project description

Glass railing and parapet-high stringer

The modern staircase designed for the owners of this stylish private home convinces by the perfect mix of steel, glass and wood. With an external all-glass railing and a parapet-high steel stringer along the inner flight of stairs this staircase construction combines two of the latest architectural trends. A special feature is the stairs position on the two-step concrete base.

Modern stairs | construction

  • Design according to DIN 18065
  • evenly rounded staircase floor plan with an inner diameter of approx. 437 mm and an outer diameter of approx. 2350 mm
  • Outer cheek made of 10 mm thick flat steel, approx. 300 to 350 mm high (step concealing)
  • Inner cheek for the modern staircase made of 10 mm thick sheet steel as parapet-high steel cheek, approx. 1300 mm high, top side without handrail
  • usable running width up to approx. 915 mm
  • Treads as trough steps made of 5 mm thick sheet steel, front and rear side canted upwards for screed filling by the customer
  • no visible welding seams at the transitions between steps and stringers
  • Fixing of the steel stringers with foot plates on the upper edge of the raw floor of the first floor. Upper connection to the concrete pedestal
Glasgeländer Brüstungswangen
Project details

Glass railings for modern stairs

  • Clamping construction as angle frame (LZ) welded laterally to the flat steel beam and closed at the free ends with cover plates
  • Railing infill of VSG panes 20 mm thick, consisting of 2 x ESG 10 mm
  • set in the filling holders of the clamping construction, unrestrained pouring and sealing with testable casting compound
  • Filigree stainless steel U-profile as upper end made of edged stainless steel U-profile 30x30x30 mm, dimensioned according to the static requirements of DIN 18008 (formerly TRAV). Glued and sealed to the glass fillings with neoprene interlayer


di Architekturbüro, Nürtingen