Project Description

Project description

Design stairs in Seehotel Riva in Constance

The flamboyant stairs in Seehotel Riva in Constance have an exclusive design. It is the sophisticated shape of the premium-class stair architecture that is initially impressive. The technical challenges involved in the design of the stairs were overcome and excellently put into practice. The elliptically curved balustrade stringers made of flat steel with a white lacquer finish contrast appealingly with the fine wooden cover of the folding stairs. Another highlight is the underside soffit curved in line with the flight run of the spiral stairs. The harmony of steel and wood is the most striking feature of the self-supporting staircase’s interplay of geometry, material and light.

Self-supporting stairs:

  • Realised as stringer stairs with flat-steel balustrade stringers
  • Step and landing structures welded in between the stringers
  • Single-flight spiral stairs with elliptical spirals, covering two storeys
  • Flight width of up to 1,270 mm
  • 105 risers, 100 treads
  • The balustrade stringers of the stairs are approximately 12 mm thick
  • Height of balustrade stringers between the basement and the first floor is approx. 950 mm
  • Height of balustrade stringers between the first floor and the second floor is approx. 1,150 mm
Wendeltreppe in weißem Design
Project details

Underside soffit for spiral stairs:

  • Underside soffit of steel sheet
  • Welded to the bottom edge of the stringers flush to the surface
  • Made of flat steel rolled in the shape of the flight run

Stairs tread structure:

  • Folded steps made of 5 mm-thick steel sheet
  • Bent at the front and welded at the rear


Schaudt Architekten GmbH, Constance