Project Description

Project description

Steel balustrade & stainless steel handrail with indirect lighting

The concrete stairs featuring steel balustrade stringers made of flat steel takes center stage in the premises of Truma. The company is based in Putzbrunn and has been a leading specialist for caravaning accessories for more than 65 years. By means of highly complex 3D construction programmes the steel balustrade stringers were designed for the existing concrete stairs. The experts of MetallArt produced and installed these innovative elements by means of the latest production technology along with maximum precision. Due to the steel balustrade stringers the construction amazes with its homogenous appearance and a sculptural character.

Steel balustrade stringers for existing staircase

At both sides the steel balustrade stringers were fixed at the existing concrete stairs. Beside their guarding function the stringers are used to mask the slab edges as well as to connect the stair cover.

  • Thickness of the steel balustrade stringers: approx. 10-12 mm or according to structural requirements
  • Height of the steel balustrade stringers: approx. 1400 mm or approx. 1020 mm above finished floor, continued downwards approx. 350-400 mm
  • Flight of the steel balustrade stringers: approx. 48 running meters at both sides of the concrete stairs
  • approx. 8 running meters at the bottom on the ground floor
  • Flight of the railing rounded/ascending or horizontally

The steel balustrade stringers were fixed at the raw staircase by means of welded flat steel plates at the treads and risers.

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Project details

Stainless steel handrails for steel balustrade stringers

Handrails made of stainless steel round tubes with a diameter of 42 mm were fixed at the outer and inner balustrade stringers. The handrail supports exist of bent stainless steel round bars with a diameter of 12 mm.

LED illumination for steel balustrade stringers

In accordance with the spacing of the steps white LED lighting units were installed at the outer steel balustrade stringer. The assembly was finished by drilling holes in the stainless steel handrail.

Parapet steel railing equivalent to the steel balustrade stringers

On the third floor the construction was completed by a horizontal parapet-high steel balustrade in rounded shapes forming at the same time the celling frame. This element serves partially to mask the slab edges and to connect the construction of the floor.

In addition to the delivery and assembly of the steel balustrade stringers MetallArt was responsible for the verifiable structural analysis for the parapet steel railings.