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Steel balustrades Charité Berlin

Variety in form and design

Stylish custom-made steel balustrades accompany the rounded and straight staircases in the Berlin Rahel Hirsch Center.

Project description

State-of-the-art medicine in the capital

Patient care and cutting-edge research come together under one roof at the Rahel Hirsch Center for Translational Medicine, which is shared by the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) and Charité Universitätsmedizin for research, outpatient clinics and clinical trials. Its focus is the direct transfer of knowledge gained in the research laboratory into clinical applications and consequently the further development and improvement of health care. The building, which was originally used as surgery and intensive care unit, was completely renovated and opened at the beginning of 2023 as a ultra-modern six-storey building complex with an inner patio and atrium. Research groups, technology platforms, study centres and outpatient areas cooperate on almost 15,000 sqm with a direct spatial connection to the neighbouring Charité ward block.

Steel balustrades for foyer and atrium

In equally elegant but different versions, several steel balustrades of white finish complement the staircases and ceiling edges in the Rahel Hirsch Center and underline the light and clear architectural concept. In the straight-lined atrium, parapet-high steel balustrades in an ascending paling construction run along both sides of the four steel staircases in straight design. These stairs connect the open levels, each with an intermediate landing and an underside steel cladding. The steel balustrades continue horizontally along the ceiling railings and are each accompanied by two noble wooden handrails with tactile markings for visually impaired people.

A spiral sculptural staircase with rounded steel balustrades on both sides leads from the foyer to the upper floor, and its representative design is continued with imposing parapet-high steel balustrades at the ceiling edge. The homogeneous construction blends into this minimalist part of the building like a seamless whole.

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Project details

Atrium stairs & ceiling railings with steel balustrades

  • 4 steel stringer stairs in straight design with landings at the foot and head, an intermediate landing as well as a smooth steel soffit cladding
  • Folded steel sheet steps, fully and force-fittingly welded to the stringers and to the lower and upper treads
  • Both-sided parapet-high steel balustrades on the stairs, in ascending steel bar construction with cross section 40×10 mm
  • Parapet-high steel balustrades along 4 slab edges, consisting of steel angles, vertical steel bars and upper belts – flush welded and reworked for a homogenous surface look
  • high-quality lacquering, white opaque and silk matt

Handrails for steel balustrades and stairs floor 1-5

  • Rectangular oak handrail with a shadow-gap, top-attached onto the balustrades of the stairs and the ceiling edges in the atrium, 60×40 mm
  • Underneath running second oak handrail, rounded, d = 40/42mm, fixed with handrail supports to the steel balustrades of the stairs and ceiling edges
  • 16 tactile markings as guidance system for visually impaired, indicating floor heights and directions of stairs → made of 2 mm stainless steel sheet with embossed braille and normal writing and glued onto the handrails

Foyer staircase with steel balustrade

  • Spiral staircase with intermediate landing and stair head bridge, structurally supported by 2 ceiling steel beams
  • Inner and outer stringer as panel balustrade consisting of round rolled steel sheets and upper belts of solid steel sections
  • Folded steel sheet steps, fully and force-fittingly welded to the stringers and to the lower and upper treads
  • Steel sheet soffit cladding, d = 15 mm, upstands on the sides, fully and force-fittingly welded to the stringers
  • Rounded oak handrail, d= 40mm, designed as a complex and complete system, screw-like twisted course, fastened to the steel balustrade by means of handrail supports

Steel balustrade on the foyer slab edge

  • Panel balustrade made of steel sheet, d = 20 mm; total height approx. 2, 3 m
  • Upper belt of solid steel section, folded inwards
  • Rounded oak handrail, design and fixation analogous to the staircase handrail
  • Homogenously finished surface of the steel balustrade, no visible welding seams or irregularities

Further services

MetallArt manufactured additional steel balustrades, handrails and steel structures for other building sectors of the centre and was also responsible for the verifiable structural engineering services for all the steel work carried out.

Heinle Wischer, Partnerschaft freier Architekten mbB, Berlin