Faltwerk Treppe in weiß

Steel staircases with unique shapes

Steel stairs with extravagant floor plan

The wooden handrails made of smoked oak are a contrast to the bright lacquer-finished balustrade stringers.

Project description

Folded steel staircase for gentlemen’s outfitter in Stuttgart

During the year 2015, MetallArt was one of the firms involved in the renovation of this shop, particularly renowned for its exclusive designer fashion menswear. Since the shop reopened in the autumn of that year, our uniquely designed steel staircase, an exclusive construction connecting four different floors, definitely serves as an eye catcher and fits in well with the elegant interior design of the premises.

Steel staircase with folded steps

  • Flat-steel balustrade stringers concealing the treads of the steel staircase
  • The stringers are fastened to the structural floor at the stair head and bottom in a force-closed manner
  • Step structure as folded tray-treads as per TS2100 with closed treads and risers, welded to the front side and folded upwards at the rear side, with additional right-angled folding at the step front edge suitable for on-site screed filling and carpet flooring by the customer
  • Landing structures with additional stiffeners
  • Structurally supporting underside soffit lining made of smooth-faced steel sheet; dimensioning and detailed execution in accordance with the structural requirements
  • Steel staircase design and construction in accordance with DIN 18065
Treppe mit Wagen in weiß und Beleuchtung
Project details

Inner wooden handrails for the steel staircase

  • Round steel bars welded laterally to the balustrade stringers. They accommodate the handrail supports made of square steel with countersunk bores to fix the handrails
  • Wooden handrails made of smoked oak as a contrast to the bright lacquer-finished balustrade stringers

All-glass gallery railings for the steel staircase

  • Made of white glass, 20 mm-thick laminated safety glass panes (thermally pre-stressed/single-pane safety glass)
  • Placement of the panes in the H-section frames of the ceiling opening, constraint-free casting and sealing with grouting compound suitable for inspection and approval
  • Handrails made of folded stainless steel U-channel profiles glued to the glass panes with a neoprene intermediate layer and sealed, dimensioned in accordance with the structural requirements set forth in the Technical Rules for the Use of Fall-Protection Glazing TRAV

MetallArt, a specialist for the demanding construction of special stairs, prepared the verifiable structural analysis, the vibration-resistance analysis and the structural calculation for the structure of the all-glass railing.


Nething Generalplaner GmbH, Neu-Ulm