Treppe fürs Büro

Steel staircase featuring a modern design

Attractive harmony of steel and wood

The stairs are perfectly set in scene on a foot landing with stainless steel frame.

Project description

Design for Steel Staircase – KSK Boppard

This steel staircase in the foyer of KSK bank in Boppard (near Koblenz) is definitely the focus of attention. The steel staircase is characterised by an attractive harmony of steel and wood in combination with elements of stainless steel. The well-balanced selection of materials is as convincing as the modern design of this steel staircase. The parapet-high outer and inner steel stringers are curved in line with the ground plan. The stairs are perfectly set in scene on a foot landing with stainless steel frame.

Construction of the steel stairs

  • Consists of flat-steel stringers with steel treads welded between the stringers
  • The stringer thickness is 12 mm; the stringer height amounts to 1,350 mm
  • The inner handrail of the steel staircase consists of a round stainless steel tube with a diameter of 42 mm
  • The handrail brackets are manufactured from 12 mm-thick, angled round stainless steel bars
  • The steel staircase is fastened to the unfinished floor by steel base plates. Wall-mounted supports were added where structurally required
  • Design and construction in accordance with DIN 18065
  • Evenly rounded stairs’ ground plan with an inner diameter of approximately 500 mm and an outer diameter of 2,500 mm
  • This provides for a generous flight width of 1,000 mm for the steel staircase
  • There are 19 risers up to the stair head landing, which is four times as big as one tread
Elegante Treppe
Project details

Tread structure for steel staircase

  • Angular steel sheet frames with a thickness of 5 mm and a width of 4 cm, front and rear sides bent down
  • This tread structure is suitable for wood as well as glass or stone covers (marble or granite)

Two-step foot landing with a central stainless steel plate

  • Consists of a flat, circumferential stainless steel frame with a landing diameter of 2,600 mm
  • Landing consists of a frame structure with steel plate stiffeners

Ceiling frame for steel staircase structures

  • Circular frame layout
  • Suitable to mask the edge of the opening in the ceiling and provide a connection to the flooring and the ceiling structure
  • Flat-steel frame with a thickness of 6 mm and a height of 300 mm, with welded-on flat-steel fishplates for fastening to the unfinished floor
  • Frame projects slightly at the bottom and top over the ceiling and finished floor surfaces

All steel parts of the steel staircase are made of laser-cut St37-2, only scale-free, bright material was used; all stainless steel parts are made of material no. 1.4301.

Due to the use of steel and stainless steel, we were required to provide qualification certificates for the welding of stainless steel and steel/stainless steel connections.