Project Description

Project description

Glass railing for steel stairs | Vector Informatik GmbH

Since summer 2016 the new administration building of the Vector Informatik GmbH can be found at the industrial area in Stuttgart-Weilimdorf. Our elegant steel stringer staircase, covering four storeys, presents itself in the foyer of the company which develops software components and tools.

Ground projection of the steel stringer staircase

  • Evenly rounded spiral stairs, two flights
  • Flight width approx. 1,490 mm
  • 104 risers, 96 treads, 4 stairs head landings

Steel stringer staircase

  • Parapet-high inner box-type stringer
  • Outer stringers made of welded rectangular H-profile sections to conceal the treads
  • Thickness of the stringers 10-15 mm or according to structural requirements
  • Wooden handrail, European oak, natural finish
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Project details

All-glass railing for the outer stringer

  • Laminated safety glass
  • Top-attached U-channel section made of stainless steel
  • Glass filling made of special glazing, low in oxides and therefore with a minimized green cast (white glass)

Tread steps for steel stringer staircase

  • Folded box-type treads made of 6-8 mm thick steel sheet
  • Bent at the front and welded at the rear
  • Wooden covering in European oak, oiled

Underside soffit

  • Smooth underside soffit
  • Structurally supporting for an improved vibration behaviour

In addition to the delivery and assembly of the steel stringer staircase we were responsible for:

  • Verifiable structural analysis
  • Vibration-resistance calculation
  • Approval in the individual case as general test certificate issued by the German building authorities (AbP)