Project Description

Project description

Noble folded staircase with box-type stringers

In an exclusive appearance the self-supporting steel stringer stairs were designed for the Kögl GmbH in Bubesheim-Günzburg. Due to their interior LED-lighting, the rectangular handrail made of stainless steel as well as the smooth underside soffit these steel stringer stairs are a true eye-catcher of a simple elegance.

Construction for the steel stringer stairs

With an inner diameter of approx. 2,110mm and an outer diameter of approx. 5,000mm the resulting flight width is about 1,2000mm. The parapet-high box-type stringers have interior stiffeners. The folded steps were made of steel sheet and welded between the balustrade stringers. At the foot and head landing the stairs are fastened directly to the raw concrete floor ensuring a force-fit connection.

  • Stairs with parapet-high box-type stringers
  • the steps are welded between the balustrade stringers
  • evenly rounded single-flight stairs, covering two storeys
  • 1,200mm flight width approximately
  • 38 risers, 36 treads
  • balustrade stringers in a closed-box design (welded rectangular hollow section with inner stiffeners)
  • The balustrade stringers are approx. 8-12 mm thick
  • Height of balustrade stringers approx. 1,400 mm
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Project details

Underside soffit for steel stringer stairs

  • Smooth underside soffit of steel sheet
  • reduced material cross-sections due to structural inclusion of the steel underside cladding

Stairs tread structure

  • Folded steps made of approx. 7 mm-thick steel sheet
  • welded at the front and bent at the rear


NETHING//OTT Generalplaner GmbH, Günzburg