Extravagante Treppe auf dem Schiff

Stringer stairs for cruise liner

All-glass balustrades

In the exclusive Golden Dining Area the self-supporting box-type stringer stairs with all-glass balustrades complete the sophisticated interior concept.

Project description

Exclusive staircases for the Spectrum of the Seas

With its fourth Quantum-class ship the international “Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.” sets convincing standars in the cruise industry. In April 2019 the “Spectrum of the Seas” started its maiden voyage. The luxury cruise ship offers accommodation for more than 4,000 passengers and amazes with superlative comfort, innovative entertainment services and new catering concepts.
For the new developed Ultimate Familiy Suite, which belongs to a completely new cabin class extending on two floors, MetallArt realised curved stringer stairs featuring a family-friendly design and a functional style. In the exclusive Golden Dining Area the self-supporting box-type stringer stairs with all-glass balustrades complete the sophisticated interior concept.

Treppe auf hoher See
Project details

Curved stringer stairs with an internal glass balustrade

The family suite with its 3 bedrooms extends on two decks and is combined with a single-flight stringer stairs featuring an inner all-glass railing. The steel treads of the stringer stairs are constructed in a folded design and welded between the steel stringers. Constructed in two different radii the stringer stairs show a flight width of approximately 1,090 mm. By means of point-attachments at the bottom side the glass balustrade runs along the outside of the box-type steel stringer.

  • Execution of the inner all-glass railing: constructed in 2 radii in curved/ascending design, height of the glass panes 1,150 mm, top-attached stainless steel handrail
  • Balustrade filling stringer stairs: Laminated safety glass/tempered glass with panes up to 1,200 mm length, glass joints approx. 10-20 mm, realised in white glass (containing less oxid)
  • Filling supports: inserted into the glass pockets of the stringer stairs, glued and visually sealed (black)
  • Point-attachment: fixation of the all-glass railing at the bottom of the stringer stairs by means of glass supports in stainless steel design.

On the upper deck, at the edge of the ceiling, there is a curved all-glass railing completed by a filigree stainless steel top profile. The railing is designed in relation to the glass railing of the stringer stairs. The glass fillings are accommodated by a rounded box-type steel frame.

Self-supporting elliptical stringer stairs with all-glass railing

For the exclusive Golden Dining area a 2-flight stringer stairs designed in up to 3 different radii was realised by the German staircase experts. The stringer stairs dispose of a flight width of 1,400 mm as well as an intermediate landing of approximately 180° and blends in very well with the ambitious room design. In order to allow for the accomodation of the glass balustrades the tread-concealing box-type stringers consist of welded rectangular H-shaped profiles. With their height of 1,020 mm and a lenght of up to 1,200 mm the glass railings in white glass convey lightness and maximum transparency.

Beside the production and the assembly of the stringer stairs MetallArt delivered the verifiable structural analysis for the stairs as well as the vibration resistance verification for the all-glass railings.