Project Description

Project description

All-glass railing for thermal spa in Bucharest

In the north of Bucharest, in the town of Balotești, the thermal bath Bucharest offers perfect facilities to relax in a quiet ambiance. The advantage of this thermal spa is the exceptional concept: Covering an area of 18.000 m² there are 800.000 plants among which you will also find many palm trees. Therefore, it is no surprise that, at the same time, this site is Romanias biggest botanical garden.

In a length of several metres the all-glass railing by MetallArt creates a transparent atmosphere. Above all, the all-glass railing in the shape of a flower reflects the architectural idea of this wellness centre. As it dispenses with handrail and upper finish it definitely sets standards and a new trend concerning design and construction. The visitors are fascinated by the remarkable style of this box-type stringer stairs made of steel. The all-glass railing, also part of the stringer stairs, contributes significantly to the light and transparent character of the thermal bath.

Ganzglasgeländer für die Therme
Project details

All-glass railing flower-shaped

  • U-channel to mask the edge of the ceiling
  • Ground plan of the frame: evenly rounded
  • Thickness of the frame: 12 mm/li>
  • Integrated glass pocket to hold the panes made of laminated safety glass
  • Filling of the all-glass railing: 20 mm thick panes of laminated safety glass

Staircase with all-glass railing

  • Steel stairs with box-type stringers made of a welded rectangular profile with H-section
  • Flight width: up to 1.600 mm
  • Two stair flights with 17 risers each, single stair flight with 6 risers
  • Stair head landing and half-landing
  • Box-type treads made of 5mm thick steel sheet
  • All-glass railing on both sides of the stairs
  • Stainless steel handrail, polished mechanically, grain 600