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Exclusive liquid metal coating

Refined masterpieces

Stairs with a liquid metal coating are created with a great sense for the material and with passion for handcrafted surface design.

Range of services

Liquid metal coating for steel stairs

Customised staircases in the upmarket sector are characterised by special structural features and their individual surface design. For metal staircases, a liquid metal coating offers completely new methods of surface refinement, which, compared to painting or cladding, allows for unique objects of exceptional quality. The innovative coating process with liquid metal provides a wide range of options regarding texture and design, whereby the metal skin always exhibits all the properties of metal in its look and haptics. Especially for sculptural staircase layouts, the three-dimensionality of the design can be realised through the seamlessly applied liquid metal. This takes the homogeneity of the sculptures to a completely new level and creates an artistic character.

Sophisticated finishing technology

Depending on the processing system, the liquid metal is applied like a varnish or a filler and is suitable for flat as well as rounded and organic surfaces. Besides numerous types of metal and special alloys, various processes and techniques are also available for finishing the stair surfaces. Coating the entire stair construction with liquid metal results in a convincing sculptural effect, as the seamless coating is completely even and homogeneous. Of course, individual stair elements such as treads or stringers can also be covered with the real metal method. The elaborate process consists of many work steps that require the highest professional and technical precision. For the demanding finishing service with liquid metal, we cooperate with experienced processors who have profound and long-standing expertise.

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Liquid metal steel stairs
Multifaceted in material & finish

Depending on the product, the liquid metal coatings can be applied by spraying, filling, brushing or rolling and finished or modelled using different techniques and structuring processes. Adapted to the individual project and the interior design characteristics, we offer a wide range of material variants for liquid metal:

  • aluminium, bronze, iron, gold, copper, brass, steel E, zinc und tin
  • various and special alloys, such as white gold, white bronze or platinum, bronze tones (gold bronze, light bronze, antique bronze, etc.) or also steel jura as a metallic-effect alloy with gold pigments.

Depending on the application technique and finishing, variable surface types can be realised with liquid metal:

  • smooth-surfaced and high-gloss
  • matt brushed
  • sealed or untreated
  • burnished or patinated
  • various techniques for texture and pattern
Liquid metal – technical specifications & special features
  • Composition: up to 95% real metal content in powder form as particles, liquid binder similar to lacquer, plus reactants depending on the product
  • Solvent-free processing systems available for on-site use
  • Wood materials, plastics, etc. possible as substrate materials → Savings of metal resources and multi-dimensionality
  • Acoustic application also possible on sound-absorbing carrier materials
  • Significantly reduced material consumption of non-ferrous metal
Seamless stair coating with liquid metal

The surface finish of metal stairs is often carried out by painting or cladding the individual stair elements. The quality of a lacquer finish depends decisively on the surface preparation, during which the stair segments are processed in several operations by filling, smoothing and sanding in order to create a maximum of uniform surfaces. Slight irregularities, however, cannot be avoided.
Stair claddings consist of metal sheets or also wood veneer panels, which are adapted to the construction in individual parts, whereby the material joints are placed and processed as advantageously as possible. With both variants, however, a seamless result cannot be achieved even with the highest quality of planning and craftsmanship.
The innovative finishing with the liquid metal process, on the other hand, enables a completely seamless application that envelops individual stair elements or even entire constructions with a homogeneous metal coating.