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Sculptural stairs made to measure

Walk-in artworks

Sculptural stairs of experiential character reflect the perfect interplay between art and high-quality craftsmanship.

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Sculptural stairs to catch the eye

Stairs become sculptures through the eye of the beholder. It is not the shape, construction method or choice of material that is decisive, but the spatial effect of the entire construction. Therefore, the basis for sculptural stairs is both their position within a building and the individual design solutions tailored to the project. Using the most advanced design software enables complex structural analysis and geometry, which turn steel sculpture stairs into aesthetic works of art.

Customised sculptural stairs

Sculptural staircases can set strong architectural accents and even dominate a room as a central design object. They are designed for this purpose with unusual layouts and contrasting materials or appear in impressive size and proportions. But also in limited building situations, such as installation in an open stairwell, it is possible to realise constructions as sculptural stairs. With flowing, slim forms and harmonious colour arrangements, they blend into their surroundings and yet convince with sculptural elegance. Last but not least, the lighting situation in the building also plays a role and is taken into account in the planning process. Due to a wide range of design options, the sculptural quality of a staircase can be just as inspiring in bright, flooded buildings as it is in low-light rooms with successful lighting concepts.


Designtreppe in Frankfurt
Sculptural stairs
Design options for sculptural stairs
  • Parapet-high stringers as box-type or flat-steel stringers
  • Homogeneous and smooth underside steel soffits in straight or asymmetrical designs
  • Constructions from different radii in elliptical shape and complex geometry
  • Variable railing solutions with elements made of steel, wood or glass
  • All-glass railings as balustrade railings with curved or straight layouts
  • Exclusive handrail solutions realised with noble solid wood or sophisticated steel sections
  • Contrasting material combinations and innovative surface finishes
  • Liquid metal coatings in seamless quality for perfect optical appearance of three-dimensional sculpture stairs
Project success with sculptural stairs

Sculptural staircases by MetallArt are always the result of creative design processes and close cooperation with all project participants. In addition to the latest 3D visualisation options, MetallArt has high-tech planning and production facilities that ensure excellent workmanship and economical material consumption.
Our many years of experience in complex installation and assembly situations guarantee a successful outcome and convincing results, even for large, multi-storey sculptural stairs.