Moderne Wangentreppe Brüstungswangen

Unique and individual steel stairs

Design meets competence

Unlimited options for stair construction, combined with maximum precision

Stairs overview
Folded stairs

Folded stairs inspire with their typical construction: as the name suggests, the staircase consists of folded tread and riser combinations. This appearance gives the stairs their characteristic design.

Newel stairs

Newel staircases are constructed with a central column instead of a central wellhole. The individual steps are attached to this column. Due to their small space consumption as well as their elegant look newel staircases are mostly used in flats.

Stringer stairs

Stringer stairs have always been considered as the classic version of a staircase, both for straight and curved constructions. Depending on the structural requirements, flat or box-type stringers are used. Steel stringers are ideally suited to accommodate glass or rod railings.

Spiral stairs

In modern architecture, spiral staircases have developed into a creative design object. With generous staircase diameters and flight widths, they are usually found in the foyers of representative buildings. In addition to the functionality, the expressive staircase shape should be emphasized.

Central stringer stairs

In the case of single-stringer stairs, the supporting structure consists of only one stringer. This type of construction makes the staircase an impressive eye-catcher in the middle of a living room or in a modern stairwell. As an element of interior design these stairs fit into any installation situation like a sculpture.

Glass railings

Glass railings from MetallArt are extremely popular because they follow current trends and offer maximum transparency. To even better realise the wishes of its customers, MetallArt developed a special glass railing and obtained a General Building Inspection Test Certificate (abP) for it.

Steel balustrade stringers

Staircases with steel balustrade stringers have become an absolute trend in modern architecture. Especially on stairs with a round floor plan they leave a distinctive impression. But even on stairs with straight flights, they inspire with their imposing character.

Liquid metal

Exclusive stairs capture attention not only with their extraordinary layouts, but also with their surface design. With liquid metal, which has all the properties of solid and massive metal, stairs are refined in an artistic way. Sculptural constructions get an absolutely unique character through the liquid metal finish.

Sculptural stairs

Sculptural stairs define spaces and fascinate as accessible works of art. Manufactured to measure and with a complex design, they often appear self-supporting and in a central position in the building. Our portfolio includes a large number of distinctive individual objects that have already been awarded prestigious prizes several times.

  • Folded stairs
  • Newel stairs
  • Stringer stairs
  • Spiral stairs
  • Central stringer stairs
  • Glass railings
  • Steel balustrade stringers
  • Liquid metal
  • Sculptural stairs
Innovative techniques

3D laser scanning technology is one of the most important innovations in the building industry. Our 3D laser scanner is a perfect planning tool that allows us to scan even most complex buildings precisely and reliably at the touch of a button within a very short time.

Our specialists use CAD programs to visualize your individual staircase project in detail. Productivity is increased immensely through the use of ultra-modern CAM systems.

With comprehensive know-how and top-quality technical equipment, our strong team in the technical office models digital data and prepares it accordingly for BIM.

Efficiently, quickly and with the most modern tools, our high-performance assembly teams realize even the most demanding projects for you at home and abroad.

Weiterbearbeitung von BIM-Dateien
Customer testimonials

“Thanks a lot for the good cooperation on the building project in Münster. The result of the […] staircase over 3 floors turned out really wonderful and has a sculptural character. All of us, the owner included, are very happy with the work. I will gladly contact you again for another project!”

Dipl.-Ing. Kerstin Wessels, Architect | Industrial engineer

Winx-Tower Frankfurt

“The vision of a large spiral staircase over two storeys as the central connecting element for this unique structure has been very fascinating to us ever since the design for the building started. The staircase realised in collaboration with MetallArt Treppen GmbH, with its exceptional structural engineering, construction and simple elegance, finally far exceeded all expectations.”

Diego Rosafio, General project manager Carlos Martinez Architekten

Referenz Wangentreppe in monumentalem Design

„Concentration on the essentials is the focus of Staab Architekten and is pursued down to the last detail with the conceptual use of shape, material, and colour. MetallArt supported us with technical knowledge for the sculptural spiral staircase in the central stairwell of the Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB) and helped us to implement our office philosophy. The cooperation was excellent.“

Dipl.-Ing. Julia Zillich, Staab Architekten GmbH

Treppe weiß mehrere Etagen

“The Vector IT Campus is the most sustainable building in the world as defined by DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council). The new atrium is the heart and business card of the world market leader. An important element is the 5-storey steel staircase with all-glass railings in white glass, which is both a design and a functional element. MetallArt has outstandingly completed this demanding job”.

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Frey, Management SCHMELZLE+PARTNER

Personally at MetallArt
The art of bringing function into a beautiful shape

High-quality staircase construction is an art. That is why we call ourselves MetallArt. Our steel stairs inspire. And we approach every new project with enthusiasm. For our customers, a staircase turns into the aesthetic experience of connecting two levels. You will find stairs from MetallArt not only throughout Germany or in Romania, Bahrain, New York or Nigeria – in cruise ships MetallArt stairs are also at home on all the world’s oceans.

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