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Fascinating metal and stair construction

MetallArt has already received numerous awards and recognitions for innovative products and convincing corporate performance.

The confirmation of our success

At competitions in stairs construction but also in the context of cross-sector awards, MetallArt has repeatedly received significant awards for its exceptional products and its outstanding performance. In addition to innovative technical improvements, it is above all the design elements and special craftsmanship features of our staircases that have regularly convinced the juries. For us, these appreciations are both confirmation and incentive!

Arbeitgeber der Zukunft

In March, MetallArt received the award Arbeitgeber der Zukunft of the German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalisation (DIND). As employer of the future, MetallArt was convincing in the criteria digitalisation, sustainability, customer orientation and more.

Urkunde Arbeitgeber der Zukunft

Deutscher Metallbaupreis 2022

In November, we received the German Metal Construction Award 2022 for our spiral staircases with glass railings in the office tower of the pharmaceutical manufacturer F. Hoffmann-La Roche in Basel. The jury of the trade journal M&T Metallhandwerk & Technik was most impressed by the assembly and logistics for the complex staircase and railing ensemble, as well as by the tight radii of the curved glazing.

Architects’ Darling in gold – best social media presence

With our account on Instagram, we were able to convince the jury of the “Architects’ Darling Awards” and received the prestigious gold trophy for the best social media presence! Already for 12 years, Heinze GmbH has been awarding the so-called “Oscars of the construction sector” for the most popular solutions in the building industry.

Architects' Darling Sieger

Staircase of the year 2022 – category “Sculpture”

Once again, MetallArt is proud to be the winner of the “Staircase of the Year” award in the “Sculpture” category. In particular, the jury valued the craftsmanship and the complex geometry consisting of frequently changing radii as well as the asymmetrical soffit lining of the sculptural staircase in a former horse stud near Innsbruck.

Staircase of the year 2020 – category “Architecture”

For the 15th time, the German portal treppen.de presented the “Staircase of the Year” award. MetallArt is once again one of the proud winners and won with the design staircase in the Lenbach Gardens in Munich due to the extraordinary railing design.

Staircase of the year 2019 – category “Sculpture”

The specialist portal “treppen.de” awarded the impressive steel staircase at Heraeus as winner in the sculpture category. In competition with other demanding nominations, the top-class steel staircase convinced with its creative look.

Wangentreppe in Hanau

Staircase of the year 2017– category “Architecture”

“The masterpiece, which runs over several floors, blends into the room and serves as an eye-catcher as well as an anchor point in the ‘House of Bread’ in Asten, Austria”. This is how the jury of treppen.de commented on the awarded monumental museum staircase which impresses in the PANEUM, “Wunderkammer des Brotes”, on the premises of the baking ingredients manufacturer “backaldrin”. The evenly rounded floor plan of the five-flight stairs reminds of an inverted cone, the self-supporting staircase construction extends over several floors. The height of the steel parapet stringers on both sides increases evenly in line with the increasing flight width from the stairs foot to the head. The spiral staircase succeeded in convincing in the “Architecture” category not least because of the smooth soffit lining, which is responsible for the homogeneous appearance.

German Federal Award 2017 – for an outstanding innovative performance

With the structurally supporting steel soffit for sculptural staircase systems, MetallArt won the Federal Award 2017 for its outstanding innovative performance in craftmanship. The company took advantage of the architectural trend in stairs construction to add a structural benefit to the purely visual effect. This leads to enormous material and weight savings in the actual load-bearing structure of the staircase, to significantly more precise and faster workflows, to a reduction in costs and to an improved vibration behaviour behaviour. “We are very pleased that our product developments have received such positive recognition from numerous renowned bodies. We see the Federal Award as an appraisal of our innovative achievements. The special recognition goes to all our employees”, says the managing director of MetallArt, Johannes Schmid.

Verleihung Bundespreis IHM

Metallbaupreis 2016 – Stairs and railings

Every year, the trade journal M&T-Metallhandwerk awards prizes for particularly innovative and creative metal construction objects in six categories. In 2016, a steel staircase from MetallArt was also among the award-winning works. In the category “Stairs and Railings”, the three-storey spiral staircase sculpture in the foyer of the Heilbronn Science and Technology Centre WTZ III succeeded in convincing the jury. The construction with parapet-high steel stringers sets impressive standards and demonstrates the high level of craftsmanship at MetallArt. The striking floor plan in the form of a basket arch ellipse as well as the smooth steel soffit lining, which is welded between the stringers on the underside to match the spiral course, are expressive features of this design staircase. The eye-catcher is the light cove at the inside of the parapet railings, which is prepared for LED lighting.

GlobalConnect 2016 – Hidden Champion

At the reception of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Baden-Württemberg, which took place at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre in the framework of the GlobalConnect Forum, the State Minister of Economic Affairs, Dr. Hoffmeister-Kraut, choose MetallArt as the “Hidden Champion”. In this category, the cross-sector B2B award “Preis der Wirtschaft für die Wirtschaft” honours the occupation of a special niche and the successful positioning in foreign markets. The high degree of innovation in the product range as well as MetallArt’s convincing foreign market strategy were also decisive for winning this award. The company is regarded as a pioneer in its sector in terms of the development of new technologies and their implementation for innovative staircase architecture. In addition to the structurally supporting steel soffit lining for “sculpture stairs”, MetallArt also developed a General Test Certificate for all-gas railing systems, which is issued by the Building Authorities.

Staircase of the year 2016 in the category “Modernity”

With the award “Treppen des Jahres” the German specialist portal Treppen.de honours each year the best stairs in all in all 14 categories. Particularly unique and striking constructions are presented and selected in this important competition. In the category “Modernity” an elegant design staircase made of steel and wood with LED lighting integrated in the handrail was awarded in 2016. “Half and quarter spirals give the residential staircase its exclusive and special design. The top-mounted handrail contains an ingeniously installed indirect LED lighting, which gives the staircase system an additional aesthetic appeal.” With this comment the experts of treppen.de appraised the outstanding elements of this winner staircase of MetallArt in a Hamburg villa.

Skulpturale Treppe gewendelt mit Beleuchtung

Staircase of the year 2015 in the category “Spatial Concept”

The two-flight steel staircase with parapet-high stringers and smooth soffit lining provides a sweeping and expressive connection of the individual floors of the Science and Technology Centre WTZ III in Heilbronn. The spiral staircase in the shape of a basket arch ellipse gives the imposing construction a harmonious appearance. The three-storey staircase sculpture won the award “Treppe des Jahres 2015” (Stairs of the Year) in the “Spatial Concept” category. Treppen.de also appraised “the very clean processing of the various materials” as an outstanding performance and classified it “as a real top performance in terms of craftsmanship.” With the light cove integrated into the parapet stringers, the modern staircase system received an elegant LED lighting system that sets decorative accents and underlines the exclusivity of the award-winning stairs.

Treppe mit brüstungshohe Wangen
Awards in the years 2011 to 2014
Competition “Treppe des Jahres” (Staircase of the Year) by treppen.de

By specialising in the construction of individual special staircases, MetallArt succeeded from the very beginning in combining aesthetics with the highest standards of craftsmanship. As a confirmation of our performance, we won the “Staircases of the Year Award” for the first time in 2011. And also in the following years, the specialist portal treppen.de awarded our staircase constructions in different categories:

In a total of 12 categories, the best and most innovative constructions in stairbuilding are chosen each year. The expert jury focuses not only on the design of the stairs but also on functional and material aspects. The award is also highly regarded beyond specialist circles and inspires private builders and architects throughout Germany.