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Metal stairs

Stair art through innovation

In planning, production and installation, our professional employees consistently use the latest techniques and processes.

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Increased efficiency in design and construction

In order to realise demanding projects even more economically, the use of innovative technologies and processing methods in the different departments is an absolute necessity for us as a nationally and internationally leading stair construction company.
New technologies like 3D laser scanning, BIM or CAD/CAM offer considerable advantages such as increased productivity, reduced measuring times or minimized error rates and give us a lead over other companies that often use more traditional instruments.

By using these innovative methods, which we will present in more detail below, we offer you a highly flexible and professional order processing.
Do you have any questions about the use of our technologies and processes? You are welcome to contact us by mail or telephone.

Measurement by 3D laser scanner

3D laser scanning technology is one of the most important innovations in the building industry. Our 3D laser scanner is a perfect planning tool that allows us to scan even most complex buildings precisely and reliably at the touch of a button within a very short time. Thanks to the new technology, laborious measurements with a tape measure, plumb bob, spirit level, etc., which often take several days, can be dispensed with.
By means of point clouds, we transfer the data from the 3D scan directly to our 3D CAD program and adapt our staircase and railing constructions to the relevant conditions. The 3D laser scanner also takes building openings and as adjacent structures into account, that will play an important role later during assembly. Due to the precise measurement, the stairs can be manufactured to fit exactly, which in turn simplifies installation considerably.


With the help of the powerful 3D CAD program (computer-aided design), our technicians create true-to-scale plans, perspective views as well as complete 3D models of your individual project and provide this information to you already in the design phase to give you a precise impression and allow further processing. In addition to CAD, CAM (computer-aided manufacturing), which has revolutionised the trade and is currently quite popular is of course also part of everyday working life at MetallArt. The design data are delivered to the production via a simple mouse click. Our production team uses professional CAM systems to program the required machining operations and transmits them directly to the 5-axis machining centres, which can easily produce even the most complex profiles.


Further processing of BIM data

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is indispensable for large construction projects. The working methods based on it make it possible to coordinate and optimize the planning, execution and subsequent management of all types of structures using sophisticated programs and the end-to-end networking of all project participants and trades.

Our strong team in the technical office models, combines and captures 3D data with comprehensive know-how and the highest quality technical equipment and prepares them accordingly for the BIM model and model-related communication. In this way MetallArt contributes its part to the so-called “digital twin” and thus to the success of complex construction projects.

Weiterbearbeitung von BIM-Dateien

Assembly and Installation

Our passion for upscale special staircase construction makes MetallArt a strong partner when it comes to the assembly of steel stairs and glass railings on a national or international level. In addition to the required skills in the field of assembly, our employees regularly take part in further training courses (e. g. concerning welding, lifting platforms, first aid or occupational safety) in order to ensure the trouble-free assembly and to meet our and your quality requirements.
With perfectly equipped cargo vans, a “fleet management” system for our Hilti power tools in every vehicle, gantry cranes and a truck including an attached loading crane, we are ideally prepared. The articulated arm of the truck, which can be extended over 15°, a reach of 21 m and a lifting capacity of 8.9 t ensure that we can master the delivery even under most difficult site conditions without any problems. Depending on the situation on site, a mini-crane is often also used during the assembly. Take advantage of our many years of experience!