Designtreppe mit Kastenbrüstungen

Design stairs featuring box-type stringers

Stairs with smooth steel cladding

The Futurium in Berlin unites politics, science, industry, arts and society by offering a place for presentation and dialogue.

Project description

Spiral steel stringer stairs at the Futurium in Berlin

The Futurium in Berlin unites politics, science, industry, arts and society by offering a place for presentation and dialogue. This project is based on an initiative of scientific institutions, academic networks, several companies and foundations as well as the German Government. The new building at the Alexanderufer was completed in 2017. Starting in September 2019 the Futurium will provide various offers and possibilities for everybody who is interested in shaping the future: an exhibition featuring vivid scenarios, a hands-on-laboratory and a center for interdisciplinary events and dialogues are part of this future workshop. The demanding design and concept of the building meets the standard of a low-energy-house. Due to its envelope of cast glass the building has an open and approachable character. Inside the premises the innovative design stairs with their sculptural shape and the striking choice of colours complete the galleries interior design.

Kastenbrüstungen Designtreppe
Project details

Design stairs with steel underside soffit and a spiral appearance

At both sides the steel stringers of the design stairs were constructed of a welded hollow section in box-type design. With their height of 1,200 mm they have an decisive impact on the imposing look of the design stairs. The tread step construction with 21 risers, made of a combination from folded and box-type treads, is completed by the landing of the stairs. Between the stringers the landing is equipped with additional cross ribs. It was finished in line with the tread steps of the design stairs. The overall flight width of the design stairs is about 1,160mm.

Structural supporting underside soffit for spiral stairs

The smooth soffit lining made of steel is indispensable for the sculptural shape of the expressive single-flight design stairs which are placed in the upper floor of the Futurium. According to the curved flight of the design stairs the precisely formed steel sheets were welded evenly into the construction. All welding seams were finished by using the WIG-procedure and show a homogenous look. Regarding the structural realization the steel soffit is a very demanding element. Its load-bearing capacities improve the structural qualities of the design stairs. Furthermore there is a significant benefit in the vibrational behavoiur of the stairs due to the underside steel soffit.

Design stairs with stainless-steel handrail

At the outer and inner box-type balustrade there are stainless steel handrails:

  • Handrail made of a stainless steel round tube, diametre 34 mm
  • Handrail supports made of bent stainless steel round bars, diametre 12 mm
  • fixed at both sides at the inner steel balustrade

Box-type balustrade as a complement to the design stairs

In the gallery at the upper floor the box-type balustrade, finished in line with the box-type stringers of the design stairs, completes the entire appearance of the construction. It masks the round slab edge and intensifies the homogenous character of the design stairs.

Beside the delivery and assembly of the design stairs MetallArt was responsible for the detailed CAD-construction including 3D design. This served for diverse presentations with a free selection of perspectives to visualize the plans.

In addition MetallArt provided the verifiable structural analysis for the design stairs and the balustrades.


Richter Musikowski Architekten PartGmbB, Berlin