Moderne extravagante Wangentreppe

Modern stringer stairs as sculpture

Modern stringer stairs

In the new headquarters of Post Luxembourg, the modern stringer stairs with a height of 30 metres fascinate as the central sculpture in the atrium.

Project description

Modern stringer stairs at „HELIX“

With its new headquarters “HELIX”, the Luxembourg Post, one of the largest employers in the small state, is also setting a strong architectural statement for integration and solidarity. The centrepiece of the extraordinary new building, with 18,000 sqm of office space and room for around 850 employees, are the modern stringer stairs in the atrium that run upwards in the shape of a helix, and thus give their name to the headquarters, which opened in the capital in July 2023. The term “helix” exists in many languages and at Post Luxembourg, with its employees from over 50 different nations, it stands for a culture of openness and inclusion. As a zero-energy building with DGNB platinum certification (German Sustainable Building Council), the building was constructed according to the most advanced sustainability standards.

Monumental modern stringer stairs

Over an impressive height of 30 metres, the modern stringer stairs made of flat steel connect the eight upper floors of the openly designed office complex and are imposing with their monumental dimensions and masterful execution. Rounded landing connections and the smooth-surfaced soffit cladding as sophisticated structural elements provide the modern stringer stairs with their sculptural character. In addition to the main staircase, a secondary staircase runs from the atrium directly to the second upper floor, giving the modern stringer stairs their dynamic basis. The entire system was realised with closed stringers and steel treads in a folding wooden design. Handrails made of fine solid wood are installed on each of the inner sides of the modern stringer stairs, as well as LED spotlights for the selective lighting system. In the field of premium staircase construction, MetallArt has achieved a masterpiece in planning, design and assembly with this modern stringer stairs.

Moderne Wangentreppe extravagant
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Project details

Rounded modern stringer stairs

  • 8 stair flights with parapet-high flat-steel stringers, ground floor – 8th floor
  • 1 secondary staircase in analogous design to the main stairs, ground floor – 2nd upper floor
  • Effective flight width of 1,500 mm, stringer thickness of 10 mm
  • Folded steel treads, welded in between the stringers
  • Structurally supporting steel soffit for modern stringer stairs, flush welded in between the stringers along the stairs run
  • Partially rounded transitions at the landings of the modern stringer stairs

Wooden elements for modern stringer stairs

  • Solid wooden handrail “European oak”, rounded
  • On both sides of the inner steel balustrade, grooved bottom side with LED rail
  • Handrail support of bent round steel bar, d = 12 mm
  • Folded wooden covering “European Oak” for tread steps of the modern stringer stairs, including stainless steel stepping edge and sound isolation mat

LED lighting

  • LED lighting for modern stringer stairs and secondary stairs
  • Selective spotlights on LED rail underneath the handrail

Challenging assembly work

The 50 ton modern stringer stairs were first built integrally at the plant and then integrated and assembled into the building bit by bit during the construction process with the help of mini cranes and construction cranes and partly via open roof sections. From the planning stage to the end of the assembly activities, the realisation of the modern stringer stairs extended over a period of nearly one and a half years.

Additional services

For the realisation of the modern stringer stairs, MetallArt provided also the calculation and production of the verifiable structural analysis and of the vibrational verification.

metaform architects, Luxembourg