Project Description

Project description

Curved glass railings for spiral stairs

In the foyer of the Inter health insurance company in Mannheim, innovative craftsmanship is appealingly combined with a prestigious design. The curved glass railings on both sides of the impressive spiral stairs look as if they jut out freely from the bearing structure.

Spiral stairs with glass railing

With a floor-to-floor height of 4.20 m and an outer diameter of 5 m, these spiral stairs connect the administrative section of the building with the cafeteria. With a generous flight width of about 2 m, an intermediate landing and a stair head landing, the construction of this spiral stairs with its curved glass railings complies with the legal requirements regarding buildings open to the public.

Glass railings for spiral stairs made of laminated safety glass:
The exposed edges of the panes of the glass railings are chamfered and polished. They are made of laminated safety glass and consist of two layers of tempered safety glass. Each layer is 10 mm thick and consists of a thermally pre-tensioned tempered glass pane. The panes are joined in a lamination process, which ensures very high stability. The curved panes of the glass railings are cast in the stringer pockets on both sides of the stair structure with a casting compound that meets inspection standards. The self-supporting, restrained built-in glass railings for the spiral stairs on the upper floor run straight along the gallery and are cast in the ceiling frame. Due to this fastening technique, the glass railings look as if they jut out freely from the floor. The all-glass railings are bordered at the top by handrails made of round stainless steel tubes.

Geländer aus Glas
Project details

Legal regulations for glass railings by the building authorities

As required by the building authorities, the strength verifications as well as the arithmetical vibration resistance verification of the spiral stairs and the glass railings have been provided. Due to the use of curved glass panes and the low inner spiral diameter, in particular, we were required to obtain individual approval for the glass railings in the foyer of the Inter health insurance company in Mannheim.

Glass in architecture

Glass components are increasingly used as creative elements in modern architecture. In stair construction, railings and treads are often made of glass. Glass conveys the impression of transparency and light and therefore contributes decisively to the architectural style of the building. MetallArt has taken on the high challenges of glass construction. Based on decades of experience, we have developed a sophisticated technology that is suitable for straight and curved glass railings.