Trendiges Glasgeländer

Stairs with glass railing

Curved glass railing

Clearly recognizable where the trend in stair construction is heading: steel balustrade stringers, smooth-surfaced steel soffit cladding and glass railings.

Project description

Glass railings as design elements for stairs

In discreet white, the stairs are stylish and captivating with a helical glass railing and a gracefully curved underside soffit at the Funky offices in Munich. This prestigious staircase project with an outstanding design satisfies highest technical and architectural demands at the same time. The innovative stairs with glass railing were combined with elements made of Corian. This project was realized in 2010 as one of the first stairs of this construction method. The trend in stair construction is clearly visible: steel balustrade stringers, smooth steel soffit cladding and glass railings were harmoniously combined. The upper edge protection of the glass panes is as filigree as possible, as strong as necessary.

Elegante Wendeltreppe in weiß
Project details

Stairs and glass railing

The glass railing runs in regular spirals in line with the single-flight stair floor plan. On the inner side of the stairs’ flight, a parapet-high steel stringer assumes the function of the railing with a diameter of approximately 1,790 mm. Indirect LED illumination is integrated into the handrail of the inner balustrade stringer. A special feature is the encasing of the steel core with Corian in the area of the gallery balustrade.

The outer stringer of the staircase structure is designed as a box-type stringer with an H-section and has a diameter of approximately 4,720 mm. At the same time, the stringer holds the curved panes of the glass railing.

Self-supporting structure for stairs

By fixing the top and bottom of the stairs’ stringers to the floor below and the edge of the ceiling above, a self-supporting structure for the stairs is realised. Due to the transfer of the forces to the floor and/or ceiling, no additional wall supports or supporting columns are required. The folded tread supporting structure with 19 risers and a stairs’ head landing are welded between the stringers of the stairs.

The curved glass railing on the outer side of the stair flight consists of 20 mm-thick laminated safety glass. The two individual panes are made of white glass and held together by a laminating film. With the help of a specially developed fastening technique, the glass panes are inserted and then cast into the H-stringer of the stairs. They look as if they jut out freely from the stringer without requiring any additional railing posts. A handrail made of a stainless steel U-channel section with a neoprene intermediate layer provides a filigree finish to the top of the glass railing.

Underside soffit for stairs

Apart from the glass railing, the underside soffit lining with its plain and smooth surface constitutes another highlight of the stairs. It emphasizes the graceful spiral curvature. The tread cover is made of 30 mm-thick marble tiles with chamfered edges, to which a footfall sound insulation is fitted in compliance with requirements.


Morschek & GHU Architekten GmbH, Munich