Weisse Treppe mit grünem Akzent

Steel staircase with sculptural shape

Cantilever steel staircase

The smooth-faced soffit lining takes part in the load transfer and gives the balustrade stringer stairs a sculptural character.

Project description

Steel Staircase | Medical Centre Dortmund DOC

The Dortmund Medical Centre offers specialist and health care services in the heart of the city. The interior of the building is fitted with a steel staircase extending over two storeys. The self-supported impressive design of the steel staircase satisfies highest demands with respect to the structural properties and aesthetics. The steel staircase sets new standards in modern stairs construction that go far beyond functional aspects and support substantially the inspired interior design of the building. The smooth-faced soffit lining takes part in the load transfer and gives the balustrade stringer stairs a sculptural character. Stylish parapet railings on the first and second floors take up the design of the steel stairs stringers and provide continuity.

Treppe gewendelt mit Wangen modern
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Project details

Ground projection and construction of the steel staircase

  • Two-flight stairs, evenly curved, two head landings
  • 51 risers, 49 treads, 2 head landings (ground floor + first floor)
  • Flight width, approximately 1,400 mm between the balustrades
  • Fixed to the unfinished floor with steel base plates

Parapet-high steel stringers for the steel staircase

  • Box-type steel stringers made of rectangular hollow sections provide fall protection
  • Approximately 1,320 mm high
  • Wooden handrail made of Wenge

Treads of the steel staircase

  • Steel treads in folded/box-type structure, welded in-between the stringers
  • 5 to 10 mm-thick steel plates, folded upwards at the rear, projecting at the front

Structurally supporting underside soffit lining made of steel

  • Smooth-faced steel lining at the underside as per DIN 18065, structurally supporting, without shadow groove at the connection to the balustrade stringers
  • Steel plates shaped to match the spiralled stairs run, welded between the stringers
  • Thanks to a special interface that was developed by MetallArt and allows data exchange between the sophisticated 3-d design software and special FE (finite elements) programs for structural calculation the soffit lining of steel staircases can be included in the structural calculation and design. This provides for material savings and a more uniform look of the steel staircases as well as a considerably improved vibration behaviour

Balustrade gallery railings with wooden handrail

  • As fall protection on the first and second floors, masking the floor edges and providing connection
  • Made from rectangular hollow steel shapes, optically in line with the stringers
  • Approximately 1,940 mm high
  • Wooden handrail made of Wenge

In addition to the delivery and assembly of the steel staircase, MetallArt prepared the verifiable structural analysis and the vibration-resistance calculation of the steel staircase and the railings as well as detailed CAD construction and detail drawings for submittal and acceptance.


Eller+Eller Architekten GmbH, Düsseldorf