Project Description

Project description

Folded steel stairs at Hotel LAMAISON in Saarlouis

The historical villa of the former Supreme Administrative Court in Saarlouis has got a new look. Since September 2015 the building has accommodated the 4-star superior hotel LAMAISON. The utmost stylish design of the extraordinary steel stairs is essentially for the elegant interior ambiance. With its evenly rounded six-flight stair ground, designed with an diameter of approx. 4,050 mm the construction of the steel stairs is an attraction in itself.

Steel stairs with high-quality wooden cover

The combination of parapet-high stringers, lacquered in modern white, and folded steps with premium wooden cover contrasts harmoniously. This staircase construction convincingly completes the interior design of the hotel. Above all, in the light-flooded foyer the sculptural steel stairs captivate with their aesthetic underside soffit lining made of smooth-faced steel sheet. The vibration behaviour of the steel stairs, having a self-supporting structure between the stair landings, is improved by the underside cladding, which is, of course, also the visual highlight of this object.

Faltwerktreppen im Hotel LAMAISON in Saarlouis
Project details

Balustrade stringers for steel stairs

The steel balustrade stringers undoubtedly have an enhancing effect on the puristic design of the steel stairs. The openings in sections in the upper part of the balustrade stringers produce an optical belt. It is connected to the bottom railing just in the distances which are structurally required. These connections between the openings were finished with ornaments designed as rhombic frames. Matching the wooden cover of the treads the profile shaped handrail along the inner steel balustrade stringer consists of European oak.

All-glass railing for the edge of the ceiling

To guarantee the fall-protection an all-glass railing made of white glass was fixed to the edges of the ceiling on each floor. This provides for a fascinating contrast to the balustrade stringers made of steel.

Perfect finish

The masterly and highly detailed planning of the steel stairs is owed to the creators of NICOLAY DESIGN GmbH.