Steel stringer stairs with cladding

Impressive steel stringer stairs

The three circles are interconnected in a curvy design and accommodate green patios transporting the spirit of nature into the hotel facilities.

Project description

Parapet-high stringer stairs at the five-star-plus hotel The Fontenay

In March 2018 the entrepreneur Klaus-Michael Kühne opened the five-star-premium hotel The Fontenay in Hamburg. It is situated in the Rotherbaum quarter at the western bank of the outer Alster in Hamburg. The luxury accomodation rates currently among “The Leading Hotels of the World”. For this residence MetallArt designed these impressive steel stringer stairs. 130 high-quality equipped rooms and suites in a modern traditional style, the infinity-pool on the roof with view on the river Alster and the wellness and health area ensure a most relaxing stay in a sophisticated ambiance.
The exceptional nature of this building was created by the Hamburg based architects Störmer Murphy and Partners GmbH: The three circles are interconnected in a curvy design and accommodate green patios transporting the spirit of nature into the hotel facilities. Beside the floor plan showing an organic design there is a large number of custom-made furniture as well as the steel stringer stairs and the glass railing by MetallArt. All these constructions, located in the piano bar, captivate with their curved design and impressive shapes.

Project details

Premium steel stringer stairs for exclusive interior design

The single-flight steel stringer stairs feature a flight width of 1,500 mm and were manufactured with the latest production technology. They match harmoniously the cosy interior concept. The two-sided parapet-high flat-steel stringers of the steel stringer stairs show a thickness of 10-15mm and constitute solid balustrades. They were completed with rectangular handrails made of wenge wood.

Combined steps in folded and box-type design, made of 5-6mm thick steel sheet form the tread step construction of the steel stringer stairs. The hollow space occurred by closing the steps and risers was insulated with mineral wool. As a result of the structurally supporting underside cladding the steel stringer stairs impress with their sculptural character. This feature was designed and executed according to structural requirements.

AbP for rounded glass railings

The experts manufactured the steel stringer staircase with the highest precision and know-how in compliance with the currently valid DIN standards. In order to be able to realize the client’s wishes with regard to the rounded glass railing, the AbP came into play. The presentation of the test certificate to the test structural engineer or the responsible building authority brought numerous advantages for the customer: Elimination of

  • Consent in individual cases (ZiE),
  • Fees of the responsible examination office for ZiE,
  • possibly required bending/tensile tests,
  • any necessary glass breakage tests and
  • if necessary, required expert opinions

Glass railing completes steel stringer stairs with underside soffit

Owing to the evenly round and horizontal glass railing in the piano bar the guests have a view on the atrium which is the lounge but also the place for entertainment in the luxury hotel. The convincing design of the steel stringer stairs continues in the light-flooded piano bar with the exclusive glass railing. It was executed in white glass to minimize the green cast. For the handrail the experts used a filigree stainless steel U-section, approximately 35 x 17mm, attached onto the panes of laminated safety glass and finished by gluing. The panes themselves, single-pane safety glass and laminated safety glass, show a length of 2.000mm and a thickness of 16-20mm. In total, there were used 31 running meters.

Glass pocket to install the glass railings

Beside the steel stringer stairs with its underside steel soffit the glass pocket, made of a welded U-section to accommodate the panes, is a special feature. For this construction a flat-steel band was fixed horizontally at the outside, equipped with a vertical rolled steel sheet to accommodate the cladding made of plasterboard, provided by the customer.