Villa Bulgarien Glasgeländer

Openness with stringer stairs for interiors

Stringer stairs for interiors

The interior stringer stairs impressively rounds off the room concept with their elegance.

Project description

Elegance by openness

On the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria is this imposing new-build villa. The self-supporting interior stringer stairs installed there reflect the vastness of the sea with their open and bright design. Steel treads in box-type design covered with classic oak and welded between the stringers, together with the veneer-clad flat-steel inner stringer for fall protection, create a homogeneous and well-rounded look. The stringer stairs for interiors look particularly elegant thanks to the curved all-glass railing on the outside, which is finished with a stainless steel handrail.

White glass for exceptional transparency

The glass panes of the all-glass balustrade of the interior stringer stairs are made of white glass of very low iron oxide content. As a result, there is no green tint to the glass. It gives the steel stairs a very a very light appearance and blends in perfectly with the ambience of the villa. The all-glass balustrade is supported by a combination of ceiling frame and step-cladding box-type stringers and continues on the upper floor to the right and left of the stairs.

Bulgarien Innentreppe Villa
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Project details

Self-supporting interior stringer stairs

  • Stringer stairs with 1 flight, 3/4 turn
  • Stairs’ foot and head in straight design
  • 27 steps, 28 risers
  • 1. step on the left with semi-circular stringer extension
  • Effective flight width 1,200 mm

Flat-steel inner stringer

  • Parapet-high inner flat-steel stringer for fall-prevention
  • Thickness of inner stringer 10 – 15 mm, according to structural requirements
  • Stringer height approx. 920 mm
  • Cladding of the inner flat-steel stringer of classic oak veneer, support plate of 20 mm

Outer stringer

  • All-glass railing realised in white glass for outer stringer
  • Top-attached stainless steel handrail for interior stringer stairs
  • Tread-masking box-type stringer to accommodate the all-glass railing
  • Stringer height approx. 300 – 400 mm
  • Rounded-off stringer at the ceiling frame transition

Steel tread step construction

  • Steel tread steps made of 5 – 6 mm steel sheet, folded upwards at the front and the rear
  • Flush welded upper cover sheet
  • Tread step construction height according to structural requirements approx. 60 mm
  • Insulated with mineral wool
  • Welded in between the stringers
  • Step cladding on four sites with parquet made of classic oak

Further services

Beside the manufacturing and various assembly services we were responsible for the verifiable structural analysis of this interior stringer stairs.

A&A Architects, Sofia