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Staircase design that convinces

Thanks to MetallArt, all options are available to you, because we construct steel stairs with sophisticated design for the most diverse sectors of industry and trade.

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Max Mara Treppe Wien

Stair construction in existing buildings is based on customised solutions and considers apart from structural conditions the architectural character of a building. New staircases for existing buildings may be designed to match the original architectural style or in strong contrast to it.

Designtreppe mit Stahlbrüstung

In modern architecture, this type of building is increasingly characterised by a generous and open style. Especially glass railings on a staircase support this trend, as they are timeless and transparent at the same time.

Elegante geschwungene Treppe in weiß

With knowledge and experience in the retail sector, our experts plan sophisticated staircase constructions that blend harmoniously into the overall design.

Designtreppe mit Kastenbrüstungen

In contrast to concrete, steel offers an almost inexhaustible variety of options due to its malleability. Check it out for yourself!

As different as the worldwide hotel landscape is, so versatile are the stairs we design and manufacture for you. You can choose from an almost inexhaustible variety of staircase designs.

Extravagante Treppe auf dem Schiff

With MetallArt as an experienced partner at your side, you project will be successfully implemented. Be it stairs in the museum, in the thermal bath or in the restaurant. Ask for a quotation today!

Holzstufen Treppe

A staircase in a flat is a calling card that reflects your individual style of living: from modern and futuristic to stylish and sophisticated through extremely cosy. The design possibilities for interior stairs are manifold.

Stairs design in the interior
Design stairs

From the multi-storey retail store to office and administration buildings right through to research facilities. You inform us about your project, your ideas and wishes concerning the stairs, the railings you could imagine and the step covering you would like best. In cooperation with you, we will subsequently develop your individual dream staircase for your construction project.

Variety without limits

The manifestations of metal stairs in the interior are manifold and these stairs are used in almost all sectors. They differ in their type but also in their floor plan:

Type of stairs:

  • Folding stairs
  • Newel stairs
  • Stringer stairs
  • Sawtooth stairs
  • Centre-stringer stairs
  • Staircase lighting
  • Glass railings
  • Parapet railings

Stairs ground plan:

  • straight-flight stairs; multi-flight
  • quarter- or half-spiralled stairs
  • ellipsoid or arched stairs

Steel staircases play an important role as access elements in multi-storey buildings. Therefore, also the technical and normative requirements for design stairs are very high and often differ depending on the type of building. The design of the staircase is influenced by the number of occupants and the type of use.

For steel stairs in day care centres, for example, the applicable regulations concerning safety distances, riser and tread dimensions have to be considered. In addition to the typical regulations such as DIN 18065, the Federal State Building Codes (LBO), the workplace health and safety regulations (ArbStätt, Section 3 ASR 17/1,2) etc., Regulation 102-002 of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) applies in particular.

Failure to comply with relevant regulations for specific types of building can result in considerable costs and problems. Therefore, you should observe the relevant codes already in the design phase of the steel stairs and consult us before the execution. Because we have the knowledge and you have the creative leeway! In addition to safety, also the layout and shape of a staircase and comfortable ascending and descending play a central role of course.

It goes without saying that we will take all of the three factors into account when designing your individual steel staircase.