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Designing Stairs

Modern stairs in cultural and leisure facilities

No matter whether in a restaurant, a wellness spa, the library or in a museum – modern stairs from MetallArt blend in perfectly with the surroundings.

Range of services

Museum staircase

Germany has an extraordinarily colourful variety of cultural and leisure facilities, including thermal baths and swimming pools, theatres and cinemas as well as cafés, restaurants and bars. As cultural and leisure facilities are open to the public, special regulations apply. These regulations must of course also be taken into account when planning the stairs. With MetallArt as an experienced partner at your side, you project will be successfully implemented. Be it stairs in the museum, in the thermal bath or in the restaurant. Ask for a quotation today!

Café with stairs

Our customers’ wishes are manifold and individual. One customer would like to have a staircase with an open step structure and glass railing for his café, another prefers a rounded steel staircase with parapet-high stringers and an internally fitted handrail for his leisure centre. Also folding stairs with LED lighting should be offered by the stairbuilder craft. In order to meet all these various demands, we at MetallArt start with a well thought-out planning. With our advice we help you to find the right staircase. Your staircase will be manufactured by our metal construction experts in Salach, who are distinguished by their careful working methods and the highest level of technical understanding. Precision and professionals who know their trade ensure that you get your perfect staircase.

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Treppe auf hoher See
Stairs design in the interior
Glass railings

True to the motto “satisfied customers are the best advertisement” we present selected beautiful staircases in cultural and leisure facilities on this page to give you a first impression and provide you with a source of inspiration. Despite the diversity in this sector, each type of leisure facility prefers specific types of stairs. For a thermal bath or swimming pool staircase, for example, glass is often used as material because its transparency goes well with the element water.

However, no matter whether you prefer a staircase with glass railing, another type of staircase or just a glass railing – we look forward to discussing your project with you and implementing your ideas. Thanks to our many years of experience gained through specialising in the construction of special staircases in 1995, we can fulfil even the most extravagant wishes.