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House stair

Stairs single family house

As a connecting element between different living levels, the staircase in single-family homes is increasingly being used for architectural design in addition to its purely functional purpose!

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Stairs inside the house

… are always an aesthetic experience despite all functional aspects. Steel offers more design options than any other material due to its malleability and high load-bearing capacity: Therefore, interior staircases can have filigree load-bearing structures that meet the demands of modern architecture. We manufacture stairs individually in accordance with the ideas and wishes of promoters and architects and we do not set any limits to the wishes of our customers. This is why each staircase is unique. It goes without saying that we also offer the assembly and installation of the stairs we manufacture for you.

Flat stairs

A staircase in a flat is a calling card that reflects your individual style of living: from modern and futuristic to stylish and sophisticated through extremely cosy. The design possibilities for interior stairs are manifold:

  • Filigree stringer stairs – straight, spiralled or curved
  • Spiral stairs, with regular rounding, for prestigious stairwells
  • Newel stairs with or without outer stringer
  • Single-stringer stairs for expressive shapes, mostly as central-stringer stairs
  • Cantilever stairs as a design element
  • Folded stairs
  • Sawtooth stairs

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Individual staircases
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Stairs in a flat
Stairs in private homes

Canopies, doors, and windows are standard components of a detached house. For multi-storey houses, the interior stairs should not be forgotten in this enumeration. Modern alternatives to wooden stairs are steel stairs from MetallArt which the expert company builds in Baden-Württemberg. As stairs inside the house or flat are becoming more and more important, the design is already considered in the early planning phase. The location of the residential staircase has an influence on the construction method.

Detached house with stairs:

A straight running internal staircase can be a cantilever staircase, folding staircase, sawtooth staircase, or single-stringer staircase, for instance. The climbing direction of the stairs can be changed with a half-landing.
Depending on the layout of the staircase, the course can also be spiral (quarter or half spiral). In this case, the steps are “spiralled” in the corners of a rectangular floor plan to change the climbing direction; this means that tapered steps are constructed in the corners, the rest of the flight of stairs remains straight.

Round or curved interior stairs (spiral stairs) are usually executed as stringer stairs with two stringers. However, layouts as single-stringer or central-stringer stairs are also possible. The ground plan of a spiral staircase can be evenly or elliptically rounded.
Spiral stairs are an alternative to space-saver stairs, as this type of residential stairs does not take up much space. Newel stairs are mostly used as interior stairs for two-storey living rooms. The steps of a newel staircase are directly fitted to the central newel, which replaces the wellhole. For newel stairs, wooden steps combined with a white lacquered railing are currently in vogue.
In order to reduce the risk of tripping, it is recommended, especially for families with children, to equip stairs indoors with risers.

Numerous certificates provide evidence of the extensive knowledge of the MetallArt experts in staircase construction. Not least because of the smooth interaction between construction, production, and assembly, MetallArt will be a strong and powerful partner for you.