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Hotel Stairs as an Aesthetic Experience

A closed staircase is the predominant type of stairs in hotels

The tread construction of a hotel staircase is often designed as a closed body to create an imposing character. See for yourself!

Range of services

Material variety for railings (stainless steel, glass, …)

As different as the worldwide hotel landscape is, so versatile are the stairs we design and manufacture for you. You can choose from an almost inexhaustible variety of staircase designs. We offer also variable options for the railing: Stainless steel, steel, wood, glass – just choose the material that you like best and that matches the ambience of your hotel.

MetallArt does not only manufacture stairs for you, however. We also offer making railings for galleries or existing staircases. And, of course, you can choose which material we shall use for your railings. Feel free to contact us and let us discuss your project together!

Modern stairs in hotels

Especially in hotels, a modern staircase is more than just an element that allows you to climb up or down to the next floor. Hotel stairs influence room concepts with their construction and, above all, complement the reception area excellently with their design. As the stairs have a central position in the building, their design is often appropriately impressive. We will show you a selection of successful examples below. Convince yourself of the diversity in this sector!

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Modern interior stairs in the hotel sector
Stainless-steel staircase railing

A staircase in a hotel can be either representative or functional. Whether for the lobby or the stairwell, metal railings always look appealing and offer numerous advantages such as robustness and a variety of execution options. Metal sheets or rods, for instance, can be used as fillings. Another option is a railing made entirely of stainless steel. It looks classical and offers practical benefits at the same time.

Instead of a metal railing, you can alternatively use an all-glass railing for fall protection. It ensures perfect transparency and a filigree look.
Almost all railings are fitted with a handrail. In addition to providing a secure hold, handrails complement stairs aesthetically and also functionally. Perfectly processed and tailor-made, we manufacture your individual unique staircase for you.